New Protections For Tenants in Foreclosed Buildings

NoMoreEvictions50.jpgYour help is needed to end predatory lending, unnecessary housing foreclosures, and avoid evictions of families from their homes in Massachusetts. Four bills on issues ranging from preventing unnecessary vacancies to mandatory foreclosure mediation are currently moving through hearings during this 2011-2012 legislative session.  Please pledge your support today! 

To find out more,  please visit the MAAPL Action Alerts page and urge your legislators to support these bills




Key Legislation

An Act to Prevent Unnecessary Vacancies in Foreclosed Homes (S767/H493)
Lead Sponsors: Senator James B. Eldridge, Representative Jeffrey Sanchez

An Act to Amend the Foreclosure Statute to Require Judicial Foreclosure (S809/H503)
Lead Sponsors: Senator Thomas Kennedy, Representative Frank I. Smizik

An Act to Enable Judicial Clarification of Ownership in Evictions (S684/H2240)
Lead Sponsors: Senator Katherine Clark, Representative Elizabeth A. Malia

An Act to Establish Mandatory Foreclosure Mediation with Judicial Review (S673/H1355)
Lead Sponsors: Senator Harriette Chandler; Representatives Vincent Pedone, James O'Day, and John Mahoney

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