The Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts condemns President Trump’s latest travel ban

The Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts condemns President Trump’s latest travel ban, which continues to single out poor Muslim countries and other targets of US aggression. The Supreme Court has made a mockery of justice by accepting the administration’s argument that this policy is motivated by national security concerns. Blanket travel bans and international isolation do not make us safe.

Our broken political system has heaped far too much power on the White House. Now Trump is using this power to turn away refugees, terminate TPS, repeal protection for childhood arrivals, and bargain with Congress to make all forms of immigration more difficult. Most recently, the Trump administration has separated an estimated 1450 children from their families at the US-Mexico border. Here in Massachusetts, ICE arrested and deported Morrocan-born Siham Byah, as she attempted to keep an appointment with US Immigration Services. The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) collaborated in separating her from her young US-born son.

Trump is the most vulgar expression of a system presided over by both political parties that oppresses people based on race, gender, and class. Last May Day, after hundreds of people marched in the streets for immigrant rights in rallies all over Massachusetts, the State House, overwhelmingly dominated by Democrats, failed to pass the Safe Communities Act.  For years this has been the flagship project of the immigrant rights movement in Massachusetts. This bill would restrict Massachusetts police from collaborating with ICE, which is the most common way deportations begin.

We must no longer be satisfied by politicians who pose as anti-Trump while they refuse to protect our neighbors from deportation year after year.  We need leaders who will fight for justice and equality.  We need legislators who will line up support and move progressive legislation to a vote. 

Our movement must break its special relationship with the Democrats and support alternatives from the Green-Rainbow Party wherever possible.  While the Democratic Party tries to suppress social movement activists in their ranks, we invite immigrant rights leaders to run for office under our banner! 

Relying on the courts and the same old choices at the ballot box is wholly insufficient. We salute the activists in Portland, Oregon, who have called for the abolition of ICE and are occupying their local ICE office. We also salute the workers at The Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, for taking the initiative to refuse service to Trump Administration officials. It is the direct action of regular people that has the power to transform society. With the Green-Rainbow Party, we can move from resistance to legislation.



Join us at the Together & Free Rally Against Family Separation on Saturday, June 30th at

11:00am at City Hall Plaza in Boston

11:00am at Court Square, Springfield

11:30am Bethel AME Church, Downtown New Bedford

12:00pm Park Square, Pittsfield


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