Who Owns Boston & What Can We the People Do About It?

Talk by Shirley Kressel, Followed by Discussion
Community Room at Tent City, 130 Dartmouth Street, Boston 02116
June 11, 7-9 pm, Free Event
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How are Big Businesses in Boston avoiding paying their fair share of the taxes? What has been the relationships between Big Business and the elected political leadership of Boston (Mayor and City Council)? How does the 1% exercise their wealth and power to the detriment of the people of our city?

What can We the People Who Live in Boston do to transform this condition and create a city that will strengthen our neighborhoods, improve municipal services and invest in creation of a public school system where every child will have a quality education? How can we use this election season to educate the public about this essential question, and to elect a new Mayor and City Council that will better serve the interests of the people of our city instead of the superrich?

Recommended Background Documents (pdf files):
Citizen Flyer    The Authority    Boycott that BRA Magic    Advocacy Letter


Shirley Kressel has been an expert for decades in exposing how the rich and powerful have enriched themselves and corrupted our political leaders. She is a landscape achitect/urban designer and an advocate for government that is accountable to the public and serves the needs of the community. She also writes a column for South End News.

Refreshments and Beverages will be provided by Greater Boston Chapter.

Action Meetings are a free monthly feature of Greater Boston Chapter of the Green-Rainbow Party.

Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

For further information, contact Greg Williams, Co-Chair of the Greater Boston Chapter,  [email protected]  617-501-0253

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