Winer 2014 agenda

DRAFT Agenda

Agenda for Jan. 11 2014 Statecom meeting

9:00 am * Welcome / Registration / Credentialing / Tea & Crumpets / Recruit Timekeeper, Vibes Watcher, Stacker, Parliamentarian and note taker (watch out for a tap on the shoulder!  Or send a note to the co-facilitators ahead of time if you wish to volunteer for one of these important roles)

9:30 am * Call to Order * Secretary's confirmation of quorum * Identify and Confirm Timekeeper, Vibes Watcher, Stacker, Parliamentarian, and notetaker

9:35 am * Approve the day’s agenda PLEASE REVIEW AND COMMENT AHEAD OF TIME

9:40 am * Selection of April 2014 State Committee date and co-facilitators (April 6, 13, 20, 27)

9:45 am * Approval of 2013 Fall Meeting: Sunday Oct 20  (Holyoke, MA) minutes  PLEASE REVIEW THE DRAFTS, THE POSTED CONCERNS, AND MAKE COMMENTS ON LINE PRIOR TO ARRIVAL

10:00 am * Appointments: new members of statecom (if any), to GPUS committees (national), adcom diversity and local chapter reps. (in any)

10:10 am * EAWG report and actions to be taken:  See information packet form EAWG in advance of the meeting

Report of the Electoral Action Working Group (EAWG)  [20 min presentation, 20 min Q&A]

• Addresses by candidates for nomination to the slate [5 min each, 3 candidates]

• Motion Establishing 2014 Slate Initiative (EAWG text) [20 min]

• Authorization of Online StateCom Meeting to modify slate

11:40 pm *Budget proposal from adcom 

12:00 pm *noon * Lunch

12:45 pm  * Old business: Review and discuss district maps  Statecom Representative Districts

PLEASE REVIEW THE POSTED MAPS BEFORE ARRIVAL – POST COMMENTS ONLINE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS.  The maps posted here are just the next point in a continuing discussion of districts that need to get sorted out before the next regional convention time frame.  We do expect that lines drawn will have some changes - be ready with some specific changes for the parts of Massachusetts you know best.

1:05 pm  *Update on the status of the phone calls for getting emails for our GRP statewide list.

1:20 pm  *Nationbuilder workshop/lesson on database features

1:40 pm  * Reports   (3 min each)

1.     Co-Chairs (2)
2.     Treasurer(1)
3.     Secretary(1)
4.     Local Chapters
·       Berkshire
·       Pioneer Valley
·       Nashua River
·       Assabet River Valley
·       Greater Boston
·       Quinebaug

·       South Shore

5.     Directors  and Co-Chairs of Working Committees
·       Candidate Development and Legal
·       Fundraising
·       Membership & Diversity
·       Communications
·       Platform

2:30pm  *  Consideration of Proposals: 2:30-4:00

Expedited round: straight to consensus process

1) Review and Update Main GRP Brochure

2) Host foreclosure meetings

Regular round: discussion, then consensus

3) GRP Involvement in 2014 Ballot Question Initiative Campaigns

4) Pass Mass Amendment

4:00-4:30 *  wrap up and end meeting

1.     Round Robin Evaluation - include new proposal ranking process
2.     Announcements
3.   Cleanup

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  • Joyce Palmer-Fortune
    commented 2014-01-10 20:09:46 -0500
    On the agenda and open meeting law: The agenda, in it’s near final form, has been posted for nearly 2 weeks, and everyone was urged to get suggestions to us by Jan 8. In the sense that the agenda is not approved until the meeting, the agenda is open till the last minute. However, the facilitators have (and will) exercise more strict judgement when considering items proposed in the 24 and 48 hours before a meeting. If you trust us on that, then we need not tie our hands with the open meeting law and we can still have the flexibility to put important to emergency last minute items.
  • Joyce Palmer-Fortune
    commented 2014-01-10 20:02:35 -0500
    ON the maps: The maps are based on the state rep districts which have roughly equal populations. If we follow them exactly, we would achieve proportional representation. But since we know that the districts are somewhat political and run through the center of some towns, we could make small changes so that we don’t split towns or so that don’t split locals.
  • Scott Laugenour
    commented 2014-01-07 07:30:33 -0500
    Yesterday’s bulletin from the facilitators stated that new agenda items would be considered on the day of the meeting.

    Although the Green-Rainbow Party State Committee is not legally bound to following the Open Meetings Law of the Commonwealth I believe we should follow it in spirit. We are an elected representative body. The Open Meetings Law clearly states that agendas must be made public 48 hours in advance. I will vote against last-minute changes to the items of business that we discuss. If a matter of new business urgently arises within the last 48 hours prior to the meeting that requires a State Committee action I suggest we invoke our procedures to make an online decision in the weeks following the decision.

    We are quick to decry that our representatives on Beacon Hill have exempted themselves from the Open Meeting Law; lets not operate in the Beacon Hill manner.
  • Scott Laugenour
    commented 2014-01-01 12:23:51 -0500
    Where are the draft minutes of the Holyoke meeting that we are to approve?
  • Joanna Herlihy
    commented 2013-12-15 13:16:25 -0500
    Could we also review the capacities of the Nationbuilder database to help locals and others to call members and update info? Nationbuilder provides tools for making special purpose lists, sharing the lists with callers, and entering data. The interface has changed since I used these features two years ago. I would urge acquainting everyone with the posiible uses of Nationbuilder dataabasebecause a lot of time is wasted in extracting calling lists from various sources such as Nationbuilder and voter lists, putting them on googledocs.and cross-checking themto avoid wasting caller time and annoying call recipients. New data obtained from calls off such lists doesn’t often get entered in our database.
  • Scott Laugenour
    commented 2013-11-14 06:42:19 -0500
    I would like for the agenda to include a progress update on telephoning GRP members to obtain e-mail addresses and strengthen our member database. At the last State Committee meeting on Oct 20 it was noted that the volunteer-approach (locals and State Committee members themselves making the calls on a volunteer basis) was not working. A straw poll revealed support for spending money to have these phone calls done professionally. I am interested in knowing what progress has been made from any change of strategy that has occurred since the Oct 20, 2013 State Committee meeting and to discuss the cost-effectiveness of the various options.