Green-Rainbow Party Convention 2016

Green-Rainbow Party Rising

Go Green in 2016


Date: Sat. May 21, 2016, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
First Unitarian Church, 90 Main Street, Worcester.




Round 1:   1:45pm - 2:45pm

Natural Gas Pipeline in Massachusetts: Advocacy on a Shoestring - led by Elaine Mroz, long time environmental activist

It’s easy to feel disheartened when arguing for positions contrary to entrenched political and financial interests.  This workshop will describe the techniques ordinary citizens are using to fight proposed high capacity gas pipelines in the Northeast.  We’ll talk about the role of both head and heart when organizing efforts to challenge positions backed by money and power, and how to leverage limited resources to fight for change both inside and outside traditional systems.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own advocacy issues to the table to discuss how similar strategies might be applied to their own efforts.

Examples and Ways of understanding Anti-Black Sentiment - Black Lives Matter - Worcester - led by  Julius Jones BLM Organizer

Race isn’t real, Racism is. At the center of any meaningful, lasting change in the US, must be an examination and, elimination of Anti-Black sentiment. We must rid our minds and bodies of this poisonous notion and it’s many variations. We will examine how the investigation of Anti-Black Sentiment must happen concurrently with Criminal Justice Reform, otherwise we run the certainty of reproducing the harm to marginalized communities of color.  We will share tips and tactics for engaging others in this important conversation, and disrupting the dominant narrative, currently embodied in the Trump presidential campaign. We will explore how to engage bigotry, with bravery, and honest dialogue.


Campaign Jobs for Shy People: Three Ways To Work Behind the Scenes To Help Other People Have The Strength They Need To Run For Office - led David Spanagel, Nat Fortune, and Bill Ashley, GRP Candidate Development and Legal Committee

Want to help encourage more candidates to run for office, without having to be out in front of the public as the candidate? This workshop is designed to give shy people the strength they need to help out behind the scenes as volunteer coordinator, treasurer, or campaign manager. What do candidates need more than volunteers to help collect signatures, knock on doors, distribute literature, identify supporters, and get out the vote? Someone to coordinate the work of those volunteers and keep track of their efforts! What do candidates need more than money to pay for all that? Someone to keep track of the money and pay the bills! And what do candidates need more than more time to be out campaigning and speaking to the issues that really matter? Well, nothing really, which means they need someone to  keep the campaign and candidate calendars up to date, handle the correspondence, talk with the volunteer coordinator and treasurer, and tell the candidate where to go! In short, a campaign manager. These are three positions that make it possible for a candidate to run by taking care of some of the work behind the scenes. We’ll give short introductions to what each of these three jobs entails, how much of a commitment you would be making, and how to make it manageable for you. Potential side effects include a sense of well being, appreciation, and the electoral success needed to change Massachusetts for the better.

Round 2:   2:55pm-3:55pm

The New Abolitionists and Our Right to a Livable Climate, led by Evan Seitz, climate justice organizer

Movements are most powerful when their demand is clear and compelling. In this workshop we'll explore the Fossil Fuel Abolition Movement, which is the movement that claims the continued extraction and burning of fossil fuels is immoral, and therefore the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure unconscionable. We'll look at how this understanding has empowered people to engage in non-violent civil disobedience to stop new infrastructure projects in New England, the build-out of a coordinated "civil resistance network," and how to start an affinity group in your community to participate in the movement. 

Actions and Strategies Towards An Observable Vote Counting Process led by Jonathan Simon, author of CODE RED


CPR For Our Democracy: What To Do About The Manifest Insanity Of Unobservable Vote Counting:  After a quick review of the risks and suspect outcomes of computerized vote counting in America, this workshop-- led by Jonathan Simon, author of CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft and The New American Century—will turn to what we, as voters and citizens, can do about it.  We will look at what can and cannot be seen at the polls; how to build a movement for observable vote counting that is allied with the plethora of interest groups and causes whose agendas depend on honest elections; what the chief obstacles to such a movement have been; and how far we as individuals and institutions are willing to go to overcome them, to disrupt and reform a corrupt process that threatens catastrophic consequences.  Democracy dummies will be provided for CPR practice!

Recruiting or Being a Green Candidate - led by Jonathan Martin & Charlene DiCalogero, GRP Candidate Development and Legal Committee

Are you part of a Green-Rainbow chapter, town or ward committee that wants to get GRs into local or district office, and could use some ideas about how to find promising candidates? Or are you thinking about running for office, now or in the future, and wanting to explore what makes someone ready to run for office? We will dive into the process of recruiting candidates and deciding when to run, using your questions and the newly revised GRP Candidate Recruitment Manual.


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