Worshops 2017 convention

Green-Rainbow Party Convention 2017 - WORKSHOPS:


Series 1:   Electoral Action   11:30 am –12:15 pm

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO RUN AS A GREEN-RAINBOW CANDIDATE? - for anyone considering a run for local office.   Led by Greg Williams

Are you thinking about running for office, now or in the future, and wanting to explore what makes someone ready to run for office? Are you part of a Green-Rainbow chapter, town or ward committee that wants to get GRs into local or district office, and could use some ideas about how to find promising candidates? We will explore what makes a person ready to run for public office, including an opportunity to meet people who've run for and won office in MA, as well as candidates about to run.


CAMPAIGN VOLUNTEERS - THE HEART OF CHANGE - you are the key to getting Green-Rainbow candidates in office!  Led by  Joseph Carvalho

Want to help encourage more candidates to run for office, without having to be out in front of the public as the candidate? This workshop is designed to give shy people the strength they need to help out behind the scenes as volunteer coordinator, treasurer, or campaign manager. What do candidates need more than volunteers to help collect signatures, knock on doors, distribute literature, identify supporters, and get out the vote? Someone to coordinate the work of those volunteers and keep track of their efforts! What do candidates need more than money to pay for all that? Someone to keep track of the money and pay the bills! And what do candidates need more than more time to be out campaigning and speaking to the issues that really matter? Well, nothing really, which means they need someone to keep the campaign and candidate calendars up to date, handle the correspondence, talk with the volunteer coordinator and treasurer, and tell the candidate where to go! In short, a campaign manager. These are three positions that make it possible for a candidate to run by taking care of some of the work behind the scenes. We’ll give short introductions to what each of these three jobs entails, how much of a commitment you would be making, and how to make it manageable for you. Potential side effects include a sense of well-being, appreciation, and the electoral success needed to change Massachusetts for the better.


THE CAMPAIGN FOR RANKED CHOICE VOTING - become involved in a "Maine-style" RCV referendum in Massachusetts.   Led by Adam Freidman, Voter Choice Massachusetts

Last November, Maine became the first state in US history to pass a voting system that might transform politics in America. It's called Ranked Choice Voting, and a community of volunteers in Massachusetts wants to bring it here.  Members of Voter Choice Massachusetts will explain how Ranked Choice Voting works, where it is used around the world, and the strategy for winning it in Massachusetts.  RCV is an upgrade to the way that we vote. Instead of choosing just one candidate on your ballot, RCV allows you to rank the candidates in the order you prefer them (1, 2, 3, and so on).

Ranking your choices allows you to vote honestly for any candidate, while still allowing you to vote for a "backup" choice. It liberates you from being pressured to vote for the “lesser of two evils,” and eliminates major problems in our current system -- “spoiler” candidates and vote splitting. RCV also incentivizes positive campaigns by requiring candidates to appeal to a broader base of voters in order to win.Voter Choice Massachusetts is a non-partisan volunteer organization working to advance a fairer voting system. Their work is endorsed by the League of Women Voters MA, Common Cause MA, MassVOTE, FairVote, and many other public interest groups nationwide. Visit them at http://voterchoicema.org/.


Series 2: Activism and Issues  1:45 – 2:30 pm

EVERYBODY’S MOVEMENT: How Each of Us Has a Role to Play in Advancing a Just Transition- led by Jacqui Patterson, NAACP

Discussion will focus on the principles, processes, practices, and policies that advance a transition that centers on conservation and preservation of the environment while uplifting human and civil rights for all in a just society.   Each participant will emerge with a specific way that they can contribute to this transition.




Centro Presente is a member-driven, state-wide Latin American immigrant organization dedicated to the self-determination and self-sufficiency of the Latin American immigrant community of Massachusetts. Operated and led primarily by Central American immigrants, Centro Presente struggles for immigrant rights and for economic and social justice. Through the integration of community organizing, leadership development and basic services, Centro Presente strives to give our members voice and build community power.



COMMON STRATEGIES AND ACTIONS for Fighting Fracked Gas Expansion in the Commonwealth, Led by Cathy Kristofferson

Whether you are fighting one small segment of an illegally segmented interstate pipeline expansion project, or 400+ miles of new pipeline infrastructure, there are necessary strategies and actions for opposing these projects in their entirety, at every level of government. Come hear discussion of experiences fighting the Kinder Morgan /Tennessee Gas Connecticut Expansion and Northeast Energy Direct* projects and how they apply to current Enbridge/Spectra/Algonquin proposals across the Commonwealth and beyond.

*The Northeast Energy Direct pipeline was the pipeline that Kinder Morgan company planned to push through western and north central Massachusetts, across southern New Hampshire to a hub in Dracut (MA). The intensive and extensive grassroots opposition movement is a major success story with much to teach all of us:  Kinder Morgan backed off. 


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