GRP Statecom Minutes 2020-04-29

​[Draft Unapproved]... A​ttendance: Charlene DiCalogero, Brian Cady, Joshua Gerloff, Dick Vaillette, Matt Andrews, Danny Factor, Lois Gagnon, Mike Heichman, Brian Harris, Mike Vaglica, Mark Laserte, David Spanagel, Elizabeth Humphrey, Dan Kontoff, John Andrews, David Keil With the only 2 Official Statecom members on the call, Quorum is reached! Continue reading

GRP Adcom Minutes 2020-04-23

Decisions Made: New Adcom/Statecom number: (978)990-5362 code: 4572343# Administered by the Cochairs PNC Plan is approved. Make “Will Attend” column uniform. Metro West Chapter Certification is unanimously approved. Josh will notify. Danny volunteers for reader/speaker role on Statecom Orientation meeting 2020-04-29. Charlene and Brian will draft an email re next meeting? ​Brian volunteers to co facilitate. Wed April 29, 2020. Continue reading

Adcom 2020-04-09

Decisions made: Brian C will bring next $800 challenge draft to co-chairs for approval & email blast distribution Josh and Brian will consult with others re Boston Regional Convention results. John will bring the Covid-19 & Economic Collapse essay to Adcom list. Joshua G will set up model of minutes blog. Continue reading

Adcom 2020-03-26

Decisions Made: Josh and Maha volunteered to work with Eilene Wheeler-Sheehan to help the South Coast Chapter organize their Regional Convention.  Charlene will ask CMGR members to contribute content to statement re: Candidate Signature Collection. Brian will also contribute and Maha will compile. Everyone read the GRP Bylaws! Continue reading

Adcom 2020-03-12

Decisions Made: Needed: New email blast for PNC delegates. Continue reading

GRP Adcom Minutes 2020-02-27

D​ecisions Made: BC: can add tags on the webpage to track postcard effectiveness. LG and CD will draft email blast re officer, director, and GPUS NC delegates. EY will help JG with 5G email blast. Regional Convention point people are urged to have spreadsheet downloaded and/or printed (vs. checking voter info on SOC website), in case the hosting facility doesn't have internet. Adcom members communicate with chapters that PCWG ​is ​still accepting applications​ for PNC Delegates.​ Continue reading

GRP Adcom Minutes 2020-02-13

Decisions Made: Unanimous: $1200 toward postcard mailings, divided by eight regions fairly = $150/region Adcom endorses Work & Family Mobility Act by consensus. Adcom vote unanimously to endorse the Safe Communities Act. Continue reading