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The Massachusetts Affiliate of the Green Party of the United States
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How to form a chapter

(* Indicates required to start chapter).


1) Choose an area for the chapter, a region from which members will be invited.


2) Get a list of the  area's GRP registered voters from .


3) Contact area GRP voters,* etc. inviting them to a first meeting. (Could select time and date by Doodle poll, etc.).


4) Hold first meeting of 3 or more GRP members*, and take minutes*.

a) Select Officers (Secretary*, Co-chairs* (male and female), Treasurer).

b) Select liaisons to state-level Administrative committee, Membership Com., Communications Com., etc.

c) Agree* generally with GRP's Ten Key Values

d) Agree* to use consensus-seeking decision-making process - for example: .

e) Adopt bylaws* or etc. (model bylaws available at ).


5) Send bylaws, first meeting minutes and officers list* with contact info to


6) Ongoing: (# indicates required to stay a chapter)

a) Report chapter activities# at least one State Committee meeting per year.

b) Notify GRP Secretary# of any changes in the bylaws, or change in officers or liaisons.

c) Coordinate funding# of political work with GRP Treasurer.









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The above recommendation illustrates some differences between top-down ways of proceeding and the virtues of exciting grass-roots activity and also learning. In Illinois or some other State manual, people are advised to go to the local election commission for a list of people registered as Green. Going to the party hierarchy first, deprives the people of interacting with the state system and substitutes the administrative for the interactive.
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