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Show your true colors. Join us at the following events!

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.

from Co-Chairs of the Green-Rainbow Party
Frank Jackson and Merelice

BOSTON -- Upon learning that the City of Boston failed to issue a permit for a noon start time of the alternative St. Patrick’s Peace Parade this Sunday, March 15, the Green-Rainbow Party expressed its consternation and disappointment.

“Given that the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council continues to bar the Veterans for Peace and LGBT organizations from the main parade,” said Green-Rainbow Party State Co-Chair Merelice (who goes by one name), “we were saddened that the alternative Peace Parade had to cancel its plans at the last minute. As a strong advocate for peace and equal rights, the party has participated for several years in the inclusive Peace Parade.”

Added Frank Jackson, State Co-Chair of the Party, “Unless all groups which planned to march in the Peace Parade are welcomed to join the Allied War Veterans’ traditional St. Patrick’s Parade — without their shameful restrictions against supporting peace and gay rights — Mayor Marty Walsh should, at minimum, refuse to participate.”


Date: Sat. May 30, 2015, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
First Unitarian Church, 90 Main Street, Worcester.

Be a part of the yearly meeting of all Green-Rainbow Party members. Hear guest speakers and engage in discussion groups about a green and just future that we can make happen. Vote to elect officers to help guide us into the 2016 election in which we plan to run many candidates.Our convention is always an inspiring event.

Let us know you will be joining us here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1568519823387680 

Date: Saturday  June 13, 2015
Gathering time and exact location in Boylston St., Boston to be announced

March with us to celebrate equality of GLBT individuals and all people. Celebrate that for many years, the Green-Rainbow Party was the only party in Massachusetts that supported marriage equality. March with the party that continues to be on the right side of history in its's policies for people, peace and our planet. Join us at our table after the parade at the Boston Pride Festival in City Hall Plaza. Make connections with other Greens from around the State.

Let us know you will be joining us here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1586615194888017

Please inform us if due to a disability your require a special accommodation to participate in any of these events.


In addition to these events there are all kinds of ways to get involved with the Green-Rainbow Party this year:.

To be involved with one of our local chapters, go to: 

To join one of our working committees, go to:  

To run for office under the banner of the Green-Rainbow Party, go to: 

To start a new local chapter, town committee or ward committee, go to:


Join the Green-Rainbow Party Revolution!

The time is now. Our voice is being heard.  60% of Americans nationwide say that we need a third party and only 25% say that a two-party system suits their needs. Crucial issues from income inequality, systematic racism and the urgent need to convert fully to renewable energy have been left out by the two parties. It is up to the Green--Rainbow Party to provide candidates to vote for that are willing to take on these real issues. Join us this Spring and this year!



From the GRP Candidate Team


With the all votes counted and all results in, the Green-Rainbow Party has one thing to say to you...

Thank you!

With your support, each of the Green-Rainbow Party candidates won over 3% of the vote statewide, with double digits in some towns. YOU did this: a grassroots, all volunteer campaign by people who believe in People, Planet, and Peace, and that there is an alternative to the two-party system.

While we didn't win any elections, we still won a great victory. Thanks to your efforts, the Green-Rainbow Party is once again an officially recognized political party in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This allows you to form a GRP town committee in your town or city, to cast your vote for a GRP candidate in a presidential primary, and it gives automatic ballot access for the 2016 presidential ticket (We can focus on campaigning rather than gathering  10,000 signatures just to get on the ballot).

The vote also frees us of the onerous restriction limiting the support we can provide to our candidates to $500 statewide.  (The Democrats and Republicans had been able to make unlimited contributions to their candidates. ).

The fight against climate change, social injustice, poverty, and voter disenfranchisement didn't end on election day. We still need your help.

Please join us in Worcester on November 15th for the Green-Rainbow Party State Convention. You'll have the chance to meet your Green-Rainbow Party candidates, hear our guest speakers John Rensenbrink and Jim Cutler, and vote for your party officers for the next year.

We couldn't have had this great success without you, the voters and volunteers and financial supporters of the Green-Rainbow Party. Thank you, and we hope to see you in Worcester on November 15th!

<read more about election results>



Danny Factor, GRP candidate for Secretary of State, was arrested on October 20 after joining a protest over the cutting of the Silver Maple Forest on the Belmont/Cambridge border.

<read more>



Imagine what Massachusetts could do if we invested a billion dollars in making our communities whole.

We call it the Community Uplift Initiative                                                     


TO ORDER BY MAIL:  Include 50 cents extra for postage and handling.  Make checks payable to "Green-Rainbow Party" and mail to Mike Heichman, 9 Jerome Street, Dorchester, MA 02125.

Let's raise consciousness about the

alternative to business-as-usual!

Bumper Stickers Now Available!

Show your support for courageous voting by putting a beautiful Green-Rainbow bumper sticker on your car. To get one of these babies, just send us a donation as follows:  Single: $2.00; 2 to 40 - $1.50 each; 40 to 99- $1.25 each; 100 or more - $1.00 each.

310,000 March in New York

for Climate Action

"Today the social justice and environmental protection movements join hands to form an unstoppable force for justice and for our survival.  The oil and gas industries - and their big money backers - are powerful.  But when faith groups, anti-poverty groups, grassroots community groups, and indigenous people come together with environmentalists as is happening on this march,  they form a force that can change policy and save our world."      - Danny Factor   Read more


Danny Factor (second from left) ready to march with GRP members from Fall River

 Massachusetts Needs an Economic Bill of Rights

In a statement released today, the team of three statewide candidates for the Green-Rainbow Party called for adoption of an Economic Bill of Rights that would reorder priorities on Beacon Hill to address the widespread economic distress currently being experienced by families and working people in Massachusetts.  Read more. . .



With the all votes counted and all results in, the Green-Rainbow Party has one thing to say to you...

Thank you!

scott_laugenour70.jpgThe Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers sent me a questionnaire on June 22, which I submitted by their deadline, June...


Boston Pride is right around the corner. Since our founding, the Green-Rainbow Party has supported equality for everyone. This Saturday, we will be marching along with our candidates, Danny Factor for Secretary of the Commonwealth,...

by John Andrews, Co-chair, Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts

There is a deep and growing awakening in America to the fact that our...



Please call your State Representative and Senator THIS WEEK and request their co-sponsorship (by 2/2) of at least three of the critical bills advanced by the Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL)....

Nat_Fortune150sq.jpgOur police, fire & schools lose close to $150 million/yr because MA thinks subsidizing the paychecks of mutual fund company executives is...



The common core standards movement seems to be common sense: Our schools should have similar standards, what students should know at...

A document obtained by NBC news reveals that the U.S. war in Afghanistan is being renewed rather than wound down.


Do you agree that we should stop spending money to expand dirty and dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure in Massachusetts?  Do you feel we should instead invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy?  Then help us...


Darylmoch.pngSome 120 Greens from around the nation gathered at the University of Iowa in Iowa City July 24-27 to...

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