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Urge the Governor to Protect Home Owner Rights

According to Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL), Massachusetts  Senate  Bill Number 2015 would limit the protection of property owners that are in foreclosure if the bank makes a mistake. MAAPL suggests that you request the Governor veto bill. He still has a chance to do this by November 29.

This bill is designed to strip hundreds of years of constitutional property rights. It would ratify tens of thousands of what we now know were illegal foreclosures. It makes false promises of cleared property records, of money damages, and of protections for those still in their homes post-foreclosure. We must reverse the unprecedented wealth transfer to the very wealthiest and the pillaging of working people, people of color, and women through protecting these illegal foreclosures, which is what this bill does.

Please call Massachusetts Governor Baker before Sunday, November 29 at (a sample message follows):

Phone: 617.725.4005
888.870.7770 (in state)

A sample message is as follow:
My name is _____ and I live in ______.
Veto Senate 2015:
• It does not clear property titles as claimed and as legally required. 
• It ratifies the illegal taking of property from Massachusetts residents in violation of our constitutional property rights.
• It does NOT guarantee money damages that are not already available; it does not exempt those still in their homes. 


Arlo Guthrie marks 50th at scene of 'Alice's Restaurant Massacree'

The recycles at Party head quarters are normally picked up on Thursdays. In Arlington, the collection was pushed back a day.

"It was Thanksgiving of 1965 that local restaurant owner Alice Brock hosted a meal attended by Guthrie and friend Rick Robbins that generated the typical load of holiday trash. Guthrie and Robbins filled a VW van with the garbage to haul to the dump, only to find it closed for Thanksgiving." [see]

WMO: 2015 likely to be Warmest on Record, 2011-2015 Warmest Five Year Period

"Levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached new highs and in the Northern hemisphere spring 2015 the three-month global average concentration of CO2 crossed the 400 parts per million barrier for the first time. 2015 is likely to be the hottest year on record, with ocean surface temperatures at the highest level since measurements began.  It is probable that the 1°C Celsius threshold will be crossed," said Mr Jarraud. "This is all bad news for the planet." [The Berkshire Eagle News]

We have hope for system change.

Global Climate March November 29

The Green Party of the U.S. endorses the Global Climate March on Nov. 29 preceding the U.N. climate change conference in Paris.

You may choose to take part, Marches are taking place in the following:


Cambridge, MA

Concord, MA

Leominster, MA O Planeta nao precisa de voce mas precisamos dele

West Roxbury Pipeline

The Green-Rainbow Party stands arm in arm with the West Roxbury Pipeline protesters, the West Roxbury community, and those of other cities, neighborhoods and towns in Massachusetts that are fighting the construction of fracked gas pipelines.

Apparently because of the number of protesters expected on November 7, 2015, Spectra Energy never showed up and lost a day's work. Many of the 150 protesters had signed up in advance to stand in the way of the pipeline construction. Many are committed to be back the next day that Spectra returns.

Neither Mayor Walsh nor any of the newly elected Boston city councilors came by to support the protesters and the community.

As part of its commitment to renewable energy and healthy communities, the party is fundamentally opposed to the two major gas pipeline expansion projects being proposed in Massachusetts: The Algonquin fracked gas pipeline being built by Spectra Energy and the "Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Expansion Project" proposed by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners.

We urge both Federal regulators and local communities to take steps to stop the two pipeline expansion projects and to redirect our energy infrastructure investments into green and sustainable energy projects such as conservation, wind, geothermal, hydropower, and solar power.

Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The text of the Tran-Pacific Partnership is out (from New Zealand.) One of the harmful affects that cause a great concern is that gas can be fracked in the US and sent to some country in free trade agreement [see how to export fracked gas].

Release of the Full TPP Text After Five Years of Secrecy Confirms Threats to Users' Rights

Activist Defense Denied



Danny Factor is a Green-Rainbow Party State Committee Member, Co-Chair of our Assabet River Valley Chapter, and our 2014 candidate for Secretary of State. Last October, he was arrested for trespassing for bravely trying to stop Silver Maple Forest in the Belmont Uplands from being cut down.

The Judge ruled that Danny's motivations were not to be brought before the Jury. 

Read the the story of Danny's arrest.

Join the support group.

In addition to these events there are all kinds of ways to get involved with the Green-Rainbow Party this year:.

Get involved with one of our local chapters.

Volunteer with your nearest chapter.

Join one of our working committees.

Run for office, under the banner of the Green-Rainbow Party.

Start a new local chapter, town committee or ward committee.


Join the Green-Rainbow Party Revolution!

The time is now. Our voice is being heard.  60% of Americans nationwide say that we need a third party and only 25% say that a two-party system suits their needs. Crucial issues from income inequality, systematic racism and the urgent need to convert fully to renewable energy have been left out by the two parties. It is up to the Green--Rainbow Party to provide candidates to vote for that are willing to take on these real issues. Join us this Spring and this year!


Community Uplift Initiative

Imagine what Massachusetts could do if we invested a billion dollars in making our communities whole. We call it the Community Uplift Initiative. 



TO ORDER BY MAIL:  Include 50 cents extra for postage and handling.  Make checks payable to "Green-Rainbow Party" and mail to Mike Heichman, 9 Jerome Street, Dorchester, MA 02125.

Let's raise consciousness about the

alternative to business-as-usual!

Bumper Stickers Now Available!

Show your support for courageous voting by putting a beautiful Green-Rainbow bumper sticker on your car. To get one of these babies, just send us a donation as follows:  Single: $2.00; 2 to 40 - $1.50 each; 40 to 99- $1.25 each; 100 or more - $1.00 each.

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