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The Massachusetts Affiliate of the Green Party of the United States
Upcoming events:

Rally to Stop the Pipeline!ph_rallyJuly30.png

Come join us at the Rally to Stop the Pipeline in Boston Common (across from the State House) on July 30 to show Green-Rainbow Party support for a clean energy future!

People from across the state who have been working to stop the Kinder Morgan fracked gas pipeline are rallying on July 30 to tell our elected officials that Massachusetts doesn't want or need a new gas pipeline. We are proud of the fact that the Green-Rainbow Party is the only party in Massachusetts taking a stand against the electricity tariff and against the pipeline expansion projects.

We need to all show up to STOP THE PIPELINE! Please RSVP by clicking the Join Button at our event page.


Voter Signatures Pouring In - Please lend a hand!

Join Us As We Declare Our Independence from Corporate Rule

Good News! We are already well on our way toward putting our team of activists on the ballot! We have collected 6,646 signatures, but we need at least 9,000 by July 27, to avoid having our signatures challenged by the Democratic and Republican parties. Now is the crucial time for everyone to pitch in. Help put us over the top! Join our team of signature collectors!

It would be wonderful if you could pledge to collect 100 signatures or more. July signature collection will take place in the Greater Boston Area, Metrowest, Fall River/New Bedford, Worcester County, Pioneer Valley and in the Berkshires.

Let's put the Green-Rainbow Party in the State House! Contact Mike Heichman at 617-265-8143 for Greater Boston or Siggy Meilus at 508-373-8322 for the rest of the Massachusetts.

Make your dream work with teamwork. Join the Green-Rainbow Party team of statewide candidates, as we work for economic and environmental justice in Massachusetts!

Danny Factor for Secretary of the Commonwealth

Ian Jackson for State Treasurer 

Merelice for State Auditor


Three Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) candidates are running as a team for statewide offices in 2014. They are Danny Factor, running for Secretary of the Commonwealth, Ian T. Jackson, running for State Treasurer, and 

scott_laugenour70.jpgThe Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers sent me a questionnaire on June 22, which I submitted by their deadline, June...



Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein [also a long-time Green-Rainbow Party member] and her vice presidential running mate Cheri Honkala were arrested today...

by John Andrews, Co-chair, Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts

There is a deep and growing awakening in America to the fact that our...


image of Jill Stein (2012)If you’re having political déjà vu as Obama’s second term in the White House gets underway, you’re not...

Nat_Fortune150sq.jpgOur police, fire & schools lose close to $150 million/yr because MA thinks subsidizing the paychecks of mutual fund company executives is...



The common core standards movement seems to be common sense: Our schools should have similar standards, what students should know at...

A document obtained by NBC news reveals that the U.S. war in Afghanistan is being renewed rather than wound down.


For a moment, I'd like you to play a thought game.

Millions of years from now, some other species develops intelligence....


Darylmoch.pngSome 120 Greens from around the nation gathered at the University of Iowa in Iowa City July 24-27 to...

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