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Dakota Access Pipeline

Jill Stein responded to reports that North Dakota authorities plan to press charges against her for participating in civil disobedience against the Dakota Access Pipeline Tuesday morning. The action was led by Indigenous water defenders who locked down onto construction equipment. Days earlier the same bulldozers were used to assault the ancestral grave sites of the Standing Rock Sioux nation. Pipeline management at that time had unleashed vicious attack dogs on the peaceful protestors and sprayed pepper spray into protesters' faces. [See]

Green Party press release may be found at

The Standing Rock Sioux web site is

Joint Statement from the Department of Justice, the Department of the Army and the Department of the Interior Regarding Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may be found at

Congratulations on the State Primary

14th Middlesex

Danny Factor, candidate for State Representative  @Elect Factor on Facebook

12th Worcester

Charlene DiCalogero, candidate for State Representative  @Charlene is Green on Facebook

In November, you’ll vote for…Electors?!?

Every four years, most of us think we are voting for a presidential candidate and running mate. But then we get reminded that the Electoral College process means we are actually voting for Electors who represent the presidential candidates. It is these Electors who subsequently elect the winning presidential ticket.

On Thursday, August 25, at the State's Election Division, the Green-Rainbow Party’s Co-chair David Gerry submitted the list of Massachusetts Electors who are authorized by the State Committee to cast votes for the 2016 Green Party’s Stein/Baraka presidential ticket should they win the popular vote in Massachusetts.

David Gerry Delivers the Electors

Cochair David Gerry submits the list of Green-Rainbow Party Presidential Electors to the Massachusetts Elections Division[ MK Merelice, Photographer]. 


So, yes, Virginia, there are more than two presidential candidates to choose from. And when you vote for the Green Party in November, it will be for the following Electors:

Angel Ayala, Roni Beal, Charlene DiCalogero, Darlene Elias, Daniel Factor, Melvin King, M K Merelice, Joyce Palmer Fortune, Manuel Pintado, Daphne Stevens, and Gregory Williams.

Are you thinking of heeding the call to "continue the revolution" by running for state or local office?

Would you consider running for a municipal or local office in 2017? How about a 2018 run for state house district, statewide or federal congressional office?  Please go to the Run! page and fill out the form to begin working with us. 

Trade Deals

Greenpeace Netherlands has posted purported Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negation documents at

The Greenpeace press release may be found at

The text of the Tran-Pacific Partnership is out (from New Zealand.) One of the harmful affects that cause a great concern is that gas can be fracked in the US and sent to some country in free trade agreement [see how to export fracked gas].

Release of the Full TPP Text After Five Years of Secrecy Confirms Threats to Users' Rights

West Roxbury Pipeline

The Green-Rainbow Party stands arm in arm with the West Roxbury Pipeline protesters, the West Roxbury community, and those of other cities, neighborhoods and towns in Massachusetts that are fighting the construction of fracked gas pipelines.

"FERC finally denied the rehearing requests that were filed by last year’s April 2 deadline. As a result of the official denial, intervenors can appeal the denial in federal court." [see]

Resist the Pipeline is offering Nonviolence Civil Disobedience Training. For more information

As part of its commitment to renewable energy and healthy communities, the party is fundamentally opposed to the two major gas pipeline expansion projects being proposed in Massachusetts: The Algonquin fracked gas pipeline being built by Spectra Energy and the "Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Expansion Project" proposed by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners.

We urge both Federal regulators and local communities to take steps to stop the two pipeline expansion projects and to redirect our energy infrastructure investments into green and sustainable energy projects such as conservation, wind, geothermal, hydropower, and solar power.

In addition to these events there are all kinds of ways to get involved with the Green-Rainbow Party this year:.

Get involved with one of our local chapters.

Volunteer with your nearest chapter.

Join one of our working committees.

Run for office, under the banner of the Green-Rainbow Party.

Start a new local chapter, town committee or ward committee.


Join the Green-Rainbow Party Revolution!

The time is now. Our voice is being heard.  60% of Americans nationwide say that we need a third party and only 25% say that a two-party system suits their needs. Crucial issues from income inequality, systematic racism and the urgent need to convert fully to renewable energy have been left out by the two parties. It is up to the Green--Rainbow Party to provide candidates to vote for that are willing to take on these real issues. Join us this Spring and this year!


Community Uplift Initiative

Imagine what Massachusetts could do if we invested a billion dollars in making our communities whole. We call it the Community Uplift Initiative. 



TO ORDER BY MAIL:  Include 50 cents extra for postage and handling.  Make checks payable to "Green-Rainbow Party" and mail to Mike Heichman, 9 Jerome Street, Dorchester, MA 02125.

Let's raise consciousness about the

alternative to business-as-usual!

Bumper Stickers Now Available!

Show your support for courageous voting by putting a beautiful Green-Rainbow bumper sticker on your car. To get one of these babies, just send us a donation as follows:  Single: $2.00; 2 to 40 - $1.50 each; 40 to 99- $1.25 each; 100 or more - $1.00 each.

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