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Green-Rainbow Party T-shirts

I propose that we design a T-shirt for sale on our website and at events, one that GRP supporters/members can wear to public events to identify ourselves as supporters or protesters. This is a way to show our presence where we cannot officially table or proseletyze or carry a banner due to 501c3 or other issues.  If there are a half-dozen (and hopefully more!) GRP'ers wearing a bright green shirt in the crowd with our plataform printed on it, people will start to notice.  We should sell them for a low price to cover the cost and to encourage people to buy them.  We should use them when we go door-knocking, have house events, join in parades, etc.  Buttons are invisible; T-shirts are easy to spot in a crowd.

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I’m happy to co-sponsor this proposal. I suggest that the details of what’s on the shirt should not be included in the proposal.

Mike Heichman, Suffolk County
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