Town, Ward and City committees - Green-Rainbow Party

Town committees, and Ward and City committees, are the building blocks of Massachusetts political parties. In the submenus above one can see some of ours.

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  • Mike Linger
    commented 2018-01-18 22:54:06 -0500
  • Barbara Van Den Berg
    commented 2016-09-01 11:11:59 -0400
    Thanks Brian for leading me to this page. Here was your answer to my questions about a place to find info about Town Committees. — "
    > Hi Barbara,
    > There’s a calendar at the GRP website under the ‘Stay in Touch’
    > menu, where events can be added.
    > Under the ‘About Us’ menu there’s a Town, Ward and City committees item."

    Now can the webmaster add the information I posted on the new Facebook Amherst MA Green-Rainbow Party Town Committee Group? See
  • Christopher Booker
    followed this page 2016-08-31 12:40:27 -0400