Example Statecom Proposal

DRAFT 12/11/17

GRP Proposal Form


All formal proposals must be submitted using the standard form below. Proposals should be sent to vetting committees at least three weeks before the meeting and should be posted on the GRP website at least two weeks prior to the meeting. In addition to posting on the web, the sponsors should send a copy to the attention of the listed vetting committees. Note that vetting committees do not approve or disapprove of the proposal as a whole, but they may note specific problems or shortcomings that they feel should be corrected prior to adoption. The Floor Manager listed below may - after consultation with proposal sponsors and vetting committees - make “friendly amendments” to the proposal. (Be aware that if such revisions radically alter the scope or impact of the proposal, the facilitators may rule that the proposal no longer meets the requirement for advance notice.) The text below in double square brackets [[like this]] explains what goes in each section.

Standard Proposal Form

TITLE: [[Provide a short, descriptive title for the proposal.]]

SPONSORS: [[List the sponsors of the proposal. Proposals must be sponsored by two StateCom members or a local chapter.]]

VETTING COMMITTEES: [[List the working committees that the sponsor feels are relevant to and will contact for the vetting of this proposal.]]

FLOOR MANAGER: [[List the name and contact information for one person who will manage the process for this proposal. This person will be the single point of contact for receiving comments on the proposal and providing decisions such as whether to accept a friendly amendment. They must be in attendance at the StateCom meeting when the proposal is under consideration. ]]

SHEPHERD: List one person who will serve as “shepherd” to monitor the implementation of the proposal after it is adopted.

SUMMARY: [[Provide a short (< 40 word) summary of the purpose and implications of the proposal. ]]

BACKGROUND: [[Provide the basic background on the proposal. What will it accomplish? Why is it written with these particular provisions? Is it critical that it be adopted? ]]

TEXT OF PROPOSAL: [[ Provide the exact text that will be implemented if StateCom adopts the proposal. If funds are being appropriated, specify that here. Note that text that appears elsewhere in the proposal will NOT be officially adopted when StateCom votes on the proposal. ]]

IMPLEMENTATION: [[List the persons or committees that must act to implement the proposal. What do they have to do and what are their deadlines for action? This helps StateCom assess whether the party has the staff and volunteer resources to implement the proposal. It also alerts those persons who will be asked to act if the proposal is adopted. ]]

FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: [[ Describe the impacts on GRP budgeting that are expected from this proposal. Estimate total expenses or income expected from adoption of the proposal. If this proposal will be funded through an item that it already in the GRP budget, so note. Note that any appropriation required by this proposal must be included in the TEXT OF PROPOSAL section. ]]

REFERENCES AND ATTACHMENTS: [[ Provide references (with hyperlinks if possible) that assist StateCom in understanding and evaluating the proposal. Attach any additional explanatory information here as numbered attachment sections. ]]

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