Purge of the Green Party

The Democratic Party Pursues a Purge of the Green Party from the BallotBy Tom Gryzbowski This will be the first of several articles that delve into the onslaught against a true democracy's ability to represent the best interests of the people. With these efforts to suppress individual and party participation, we are doomed to governance committed only to policies promoted by the self interests of a very small, unrepresentative elite power structure. Continue reading


WRITE YOUR SENATORS ABOUT VOTER SUPPRESSION IN S.1 The Senate is now considering the bill passed by the House. One of longest serving writers and activists in the Green-Rainbow Party has penned a letter to Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren, demanding that they remove the section of the “For the People” Act which would effectively purge third parties and independents from election ballots. We urge you to follow the example of John Blumenstiel and demand that our senators vote to remove these exceptionally undemocratic parts of the Act. Continue reading

May Day 2021

May Day Still Counts  Join us in celebrating May Day, International Workers Day, and unite to oppose the attacks coming down on working people, the oppressed, and youth. Once again our party has been working with the Boston May Day Coalition and many other progressive organizations in planning this annual event and celebration. The rally, which will begin at 1 PM at the Parkman Bandstand in Boston Common, will bring together many compelling speakers united in their demand for justice. Continue reading