2022 Election Dates to Remember

To run as a Green-Rainbow Candidate for a local or regional office, register with your local election officials by March 2, 2022. To run as a Green-Rainbow Candidate for a statewide or Congressional office, register by March 9, 2022. To vote in a 2022 statewide election, register online or with your local election officials by October 18, 2022 Vote Green-Rainbow November 8, 2022!       

Looking For A Few Good Candidates in 2022

  We are reaching out to you about our statewide candidate search for 2022. We’re interested learning how you would like to participate in our effort to find the candidates who will run as representatives of the Green-Rainbow Party to advance “People, Planet and Peace. Continue reading

Help Restore the People's Democracy in 2022

The Green-Rainbow Party is stepping up to address the needs of a broken economic and political system. It is at its peak stage of rebuilding, during very challenging times. Our candidates carry the message of a restored peoples’ democracy in today’s electoral process. Continue reading

2022--Greens vs the Dithering Duopoly

As we begin the new year in anticipation of recruiting candidates for state-wide office and running successful campaigns, we are well aware of the daunting problems that face all of humanity and the need for reality-based policies to address them. Continue reading

End "Vaccine Apartheid"

With the new omicron covid variant burning its way through the US and global populations, Green Party activists demanded that the Biden administration follow through on its stated policy of having covid vaccine patents waived in order to make covid vaccines affordable and available throughout the world. Continue reading

Jill Stein and others speak out for Julian Assange

Jill Stein spoke out December 27 about the slow-moving execution of Julian Assange. In an interview with Jordan Chariton, Stein responded to recent events that included a stroke debilitating the antiwar journalist (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHVZHrt6LU4&t=15s). Continue reading

St. Vincent Nurses' Strike Victory

The St. Vincent Hospital nurses have reached a Tentative Agreement to end their 285-day strike against Tenet Healthcare. The agreement was reached on Friday, December 21st after an all-day meeting mediated by Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh. The Tentative Agreement guarantees the striking nurses the right to return to their original positions. It also provides the staffing improvements the nurses need to provide care to their community in the face of an emerging new surge of COVID-19 driven by the Omnicron variant. Continue reading

An Appeal To Our Readers and Supporters:

Can you do some limited online research? The GPUS has asked our Candidate Development and Legislative Committee (CDLC) to identify Greens who hold any pubic offices in Massachusetts. The project would involve acquiring lists of town meeting members and other elected/appointed officials in Massachusetts towns.  These names would be compared to the list of registered GRP voters in each town.  Training is available and the work could be divided up by town or city.  For more information, contact John Andrews at [email protected]