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  • Please Donate To Our Party, Because The Lobbyists Won't!

Take Action

Beacon Hill lobbyists don't finance our party or volunteer their time. The Governor doesn't hire us to craft policy or draft legislation. And the Speaker of the House doesn't help us recruit candidates to challenge his leadership. All our support comes from you! 

Please help us help you help Massachusetts by taking action today in support of real political alternatives. 


  • Want to contribute to our party's success, but have more money than time? Contribute online. 
  • Want to add your voice to others in the demand for change? Sign our petition!
  • Want to make sure they don't take you for granted? Register Green-Rainbow. 
  • Want to give voters a real alternative next time around? Run for office, recruit candidates, or volunteer to help those who do! 

Thank you for taking action today, in whatever way you can. We all need to be the change we want to see.