2011 Massachusetts Green Rainbow Party Convention 
Saturday, December 10, 2011,  8:00AM -- 5:00PM
Unity Hall, First Unitarian Church
90 Main Street, Worcester, MA  01608


8:00-9:30AM  Registration and Breakfast--Meet & Greet

9:00-9:30  Early-Bird Roundtables

9:30-10:00AM Welcome and Preview--Co-Chairs
  • Our Vision--Reflecting and reaffirming the Purpose, Solutions, and Values of the GRP  10 Min
  • Call for nominations and description of positions--10 Signatures Due by 1:00 PM to the Party Secretary
  • Call for Delegates to the USGP
  • Call for proposals
  • Distribution of relevant documents

10:00-11:30AM GRP Forum--Unity Hall  Our Present, Past, and Future

introductory remarks by Kevin Peterson, New Democracy Coalition

Our Present Situation in our World & Communities/Accomplishments and Successes of the GRP in the past decade

  • Environment
  • Social Justice
  • Economy
  • Government
A review of recent elections and ideas for future success
  1. Candidate Elections and Organizing Campaigns:What worked?  What didn't work and why?
  2. Update from Green-Rainbow Party Strategic Planning Working Group, Patrick Burke 

11:30AM--12:00 Noon Keynote Speaker: Jose Barriga, Founder, Boston Latino International Film Festival (BLIFF)

Media is the most powerful tool of community and political organizations. Technology has changed our way to connect with the world.  Considering an effective communications strategy as a political party will allow the GRP to be a serious contender in the two-party system in Massachusetts.  From door knocking to online/offline relationship building through blogging, Twitter or Facebook, whole new ways of engaging people is possible.  Social fundraising through phone calls and the Internet has revolutionized the way to approach individuals and groups.  Jose Barriga will focus his speech on the importance of having an effective communications strategy as it relates to the Green Rainbow Party in the current political environment.

Noon--1:00 PM  Lunch--Local and healthy food will be provided

Home made breads, romaine salad with vegetables and home made salad dressing, vegetarian and meat chillis and lasagnas.

1:00-1:30  Call to Order--Party Elections

Nominees given 5 minutes to speak and answer two questions:  Why they want the job and what abilities they have that make them the best candidate.  Elections held and election results returned.

1:30-2:15 PM:  Open Space Break Out Sessions & Training Workshops

This is also an opportunity for anyone wishing to gather a break-out group to announce the topic and invite others to join. 

  • The Occupy Movement and the Green-Rainbow Party: Common goals
    self-facilitated roundtable discussion

  • How to Run a Better Meeting (a/k/a How to Run a Meeting Worth Attending) 
    Andrew McLeod, Community Organizer (hand out materials provided)

  • The Role of Cooperatives in Social Change
    Lynn Benander, President and CEO, Coop Power Energy Cooperative
    Wayne Clark, Cooperative Consultant

  • Community Supported Agriculture, Relocalization, and "Buy Local" Campaigns
    Joan Squeri, Program Manager, Cambridge Farmers Markets
  • Strategic Planning Working Group: Roundtable Discussion I
    convenor TBA

  • Campaign Strategy: Using campaigns to reach out to persuadable voters and build strong parties
    John Andrews, Candidate Development Committee
    (may move to the 3:45 plenary session on Elections)

2:30-3:15 PM:  Open Space Break Out Sessions & Training Workshops

This is also an opportunity for anyone wishing to gather a break-out group to announce the topic and invite others to join.

  • The  Significance of Communications and Media in Political Organizing
    Jose Berriga, Founder, Boston Latino International Film Festival

  • GRP Candidates and Campaigns: Past, Present and Future
    Scott Laugenour, Mark Miller, Rick Purcell, Tim Beaudoin, David Gerry, Keith Correiro, Merelice, Peter Vickery

  • Strategic Planning Working Group: Roundtable Discussion II
    Andrew McLeod, convenor

  • Sustainable Energy
    Louellyn Lambros, SOLARIZE Scituate
    Lynn Benander, Coop Power

  • Platform Committee: Updating our platform for the new decade
    Elie Yarden, GPUS platform committee member, GRP Platform committee co-chair

3:15-3:45 PM  Green Party of the United States Recognized Presidential Candidates

Jill Stein--Confirmed
Kent Mesplay, Not-Confirmed
Q & A period

3:45-430 PM  2012  Elections: Challenges and Opportunities

Review and assess electoral politics in building the party 2012 & 2013

alternate time for presentation by John Andrews regarding how we can best use campaigns to build strong parties 

Election Calendar--2012--2013

  • Who?, What? Where? When?, Why? and How?
  • Let's Talk About It--purpose, historical lessons, challenges, opportunities
  • Who are our target voters?  Un-enrolled?  Democrats?  Republicans?  Unregistered?
  • How could the GRP provide significant support to candidates running for office?
  • Why YOU should run for office! 


  • Spring elections for towns
  • Fall elections for cities


  •      2012 State House Elections
  •      Redistricting--doe the new districts create new opportunities to run candidates?
  •      GRP Presidential Primary, National Convention, and General Election: What is the process* and what needs to happen? 
  •      What will be the GRP position on resource allocation for local/state electoral campaigns compared to federal campaigns? 
  •      Are there GRP members running for Congress? What is the process and what would need to happen? 
  •      Should the GRP endorse any non-GRP candidates running for U.S. House or Senate?  Who can and cannot be endorsed? 

4:30-500 PM     Hear my Voice--Activists and members of the public speak out in a public forum.

Each person can have up to 2 minutes 

5:00--510PM     Closing Remarks and Action Items

*Because we have major party ballot access status in 2012 we will be holding a presidential primary March 6th to determine who wins delegates (and how many) to the national party's presidential nominating convention. Once nominated at the GPUS convention, the nominee is automatically on our MA ballot line for the general election. Presidential candidates aren't nominated (or in the case of independents, endorsed) at a convention unless it is a year when we don't have ballot status (and then we would also have to collect a lot of signatures).

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