2017 summer report GBC infrastructure bank

From: Joanna Herlihy <[email protected]>
Subject: State Committee reports
Date: July 7, 2017 at 9:53:55 PM EDT
To: Joyce Palmer-Fortune <[email protected]>, Brian Cady <[email protected]>, Elie Yarden <[email protected]>, Charlene Di <[email protected]>, Darlene Elias <[email protected]>, John Andrews <[email protected]>
Reply-To: Joanna Herlihy <[email protected]>

Hi All,

In case it is relevant to reports that will be given at Statecom meeting on July 8 about local activity, I am reporting on progress of bill in MA legislature that was submitted by Mel King and others, sponsored by Byron Rushing, Mike Connelly and others--H3543  An act establishing the Massachusetts infrastructure bank.  A hearing was conducted on June 15 by the Joint Committee on  Community Development and Small Businesses.  We have no information about their recommendation. Cambridge City Council endorsed the legislation, for whatever that is worth. What is needed is for cities/towns across the Commonwealth to ask for this legislation.

It may be worth noting that this bill is distinguished by the fact that it implies turning from outsourcing of funding for government projects to the private financial industry to internal management of funding by our government itself.enabling us to invest in our own future. This is significant in that it follows the intention of GRP to change the way our government operates.

Thank you,

Joanna Herlihy

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