2022 April 3rd State Com Minutes

Draft Minutes

Statecom Spring #1 3 April 2022  online

12:00 p.m Call To Order/ Take Attendance/ Establish Quorum

Attendance: Eileen Wheeler Sheehan, Danny Factor, Dick Vaillette, Dan Kontoff, Maureen Doyle, David Spanagel, John Andrews, Charlene DiCalogero, Brian Cady, Mike Vaglica, Lois Gagnon, Tom Grzybowski, Elie Yarden, Roni Beal, Rick Purcell, David Keil, Elizabeth Humphries, Carole Oyler, Jamie Guerin, Frank Jeffers

Quorum established

12:10        Seat State Com Alternates: Elie Yarden

12:15        Announce/Confirm Selection of Stacker, Notetaker, Vibes Watcher and Parliamentarian: this was done previously. They are: Jamie Guerin- Vibes, Eileen- stacker, notetaker- Maureen D, John A- parlimentarian, Dick V.-time keeper. The co-facilitators are Danny F and Eileen (They explained that they will switch primary roles during the spring meeting #2.)

12:20        Approve agenda: A question was asked about the GBC chapter (on Agenda #2) discussion and whether it was a proposal or not. Danny F. explained that the item is informational.

Agenda was approved.

12:25        Appoint any New State Com members who wish to join State Com: Maureen D. nominated Frank Jeffers to become a member of State Com. Questions asked: is he a member of the GRP? How long has he been a Green; will involvement in GPUS Ecoaction overshadow his statecom duties;and gender balance of Western MA statecom representatives. Elizabeth H. was able to answer the question:4 women/non-binary, 2 males, with 7 possible in each category. Frank is a registered member of the MA GRP (for approximately 8 years) and has been involved with the Green Party for about 20 years (previously in GA, where he lived). After answering these questions and Danny listing the duties of a State Com member, Charlene suggested that Frank read the GRP by-laws. She also mentioned that she did not like newly elected statecom members voting at their first meeting. Dan K felt that was a good point as well as the one brought up by John A. There was a question whether he is registered in the GRP; Frank answered in the affirmative. John A questioned Frank's mention of being on the Ecoaction committee (GPUS).  In his introductory speech, Frank mentioned it a few times. John wanted to make sure he knew that there was more to the State Com than Ecoaction issues.

VOTE #1: Frank Jeffers to be a State Com member

9 yes 

8 abstain

1 no


12:35        Appoint any Directors or AdCom Members (AdCom Diversity or Chapter Reps)

The Central MA chapter (CMG) nominated Brian Mulhern to Ad Com. Charlene D. said that CMG voted him in so statecom was just being made aware.

This was approved by consensus by statecom. There was conversation about adding his to the appropriate lists: Brian C. (GRP Treasurer) will add him to the Ad Com list and David S. (co chair of CMG) has notified the approriate committees as well.

There was a discussion about the Membership Director which is now open as Juan Sanchez resigned . Elie brought up that there is an active membership committee so the GRP should not take any action now.
Jamie G. was nominated as Membership Director but she declined. Dan K. said that he would do it but he really doesn't want to because he is very busy. Eilleen added that John Blumensteil has agrred to do it for a few months (but not permanently).

12:45        Approval of Past State Com Minutes : approval of Winter 2022 minutes: 

There was some discussion about the previous minutes (comments on wording, whether things were direct quotes or summaries, minutes should not be a transcript but should be deciferable in 10 years). David K suggested that we postpone approving the minutes until the next time. There was a suggestion for each member to send comments to Sean with their concerns and he would correct the minutes.

Concerns with that plan: Eileen pointed out that we cannot wordsmith the entire thing; we need to vote on the substance of the minutes. Mike V. brought up a previous situation (from 2019) where minutes weren't approved for a long time and he encouraged us to approve these now.

Danny F. made a motion to to send comments to Sean (GRP Secretary) .

John A. Said that we need to vote on these corrections.

David S said that he has some concerns with how minutes are being reported so he is proposing a new way to do them for the summer Statecom.

Danny F. said that he will stand aside now.


Second Date of Spring Statecom: David S. told of how he is working with 2 candidates to be on our statewide slate (on the Election Working Group of CDLC). He is encouraging the statecommittee to meet within 2 weeks to give these 2 candidates more time to obtain signatures and to raise money. These candidates are:

Juan Sanchez and Gloria Cabarello Rooca

there was a request for a 5 minute break at this point and discussion about how we can take a break whenever we want to (because it is online). Dan K. asked that we finish the discussion we started before taking a break. We did take a break.


When we all reassembled online, David S, told us that Issac Schattenberg is a statewide candidate as well. Brain C. has spoken with CDLC and the Election Working Group about him.


In 2 weeks , we will be into Easter and passover . Charlene D. suggested that we do a doodlepoll. David S. asked that we have the next statecom before April 3th so the doodle poll will be sent out with those dates in mind (it will include nights and weekends).
1:00          Officers Reports: Co Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer 

see attached documents (in email)

Lois: attended a rally in Boston; they are doing anti-oppression training as well.

Rick : reported working on an anti-pipeline rally Saturday April 9th. He also stated that he is glad that there are statewide candidates.
Policy and Proceedures: no activation of this 

By-Laws Review: no activation of this

Treasurer: Brian: The federal fund has $3068 and the state has ________. The NationBuilder bill is due.

Mike interjected that he was unable to attend to fundraising this quarter

Housekeeping proposal for this meeting: Committee Reports should be 10 minutes total since we have had a lot of comments about the different committees throughout the meeting. See attached documents in the email that this came with

1:10          Proposal: The War in Ukraine Began with U.S. Backed Coup in 2014

Lois presented this proposal (by the co-sponsors Lois Gagnon and Eileen Sheehan).

A discussion followed about the background and history that Lois presented.

Brian C. Pointed out that this is not a state issue . Maureen was glad that the length of the issue was presented- this is not new. Danny pointed out that the GRP usually doesn't comment on International issues unless there is a MA link. He felt that the national party should make a statement on it. David K. Pointed out that there is a MA nexxus: Jill Stein and himself spoke at Peace Rallys for this issue, there is GPAX (A GPUS committee) concern, and each state needs to wiegh in. Elizabeth made the point that someday the GRP could have a member in Congress so it is important that we wiegh in on international issues. She added that this proposal is no exoneration of Russia. David S. Thinks the proposal is unbalanced and he added a paragraph (in the chat) that includes the 10 key Values. John A. Weighed in that this proposal doesn't go far enough and that the proposal is too narrow. The conflict between the Ukraine and Russia goes on a lot longer and that it centers around fossil fuels. Nuclear war , a possible outcome, is a huge problem. Therefore, John feels that we need a more comprehensive statement. Elie added that the whole planet is involved (MA included). Eileen added that this issue was included in the last newsletter : Massachusetts is VERY involved in terms of weapons manufacturers in the state (Raytheon) and the climate . Mike V. Said that he wrote an article in the Green Voices newsletter and he spoke as a native of Russia.  He encouraged us all to see his comment from the listserve this am. Charlene said that she also had family in Russia. They do not see Russia as democratic and that Putin does not have good motives. Therefore, she encouraged us offering a solution not just making a statement. Tom wants this to be focused on the Ukraine of today and not of its history. Frank offered to do dropbox attachments to State Com and Lois. Elie added that aid to all refugees should be a MA step.

There were many concerns in addition to these comments. Danny said that he WOULD stand aside while Charlene said that she would not (as she sees this statement as a proposal. David K said that he would stand aside because this is an urgent matter. Elie suggested that the war industries pay for harm done and should focus on refugees. Charlene suggested that we work on this to be presented at the next meeting with David's admendment added.

Lois and Eileen accepted the amendment from the chat (from David S.) and will incorporate it. Danny suggests that the other amendments also be in the chat so people can see them. Mike V. sent a suggestion via email.

The Parlimentarian weighed in on each suggestion. Dav id K. edited the proposal from David S and posted it. All three suggested amendments are:

Charlene's motion to table this proposal until next time was discussed. Eileen had an issue with postponing it. Lois said that she wants to postpone so they can consider adding the three amendments.


There is a consensus btween the sponsors.

Co-facilitator Factor asked that we extend this meeting until 3:30pm OR table this proposal/discussion until the next meeting.

Co-sponsor Sheehan feels this is being dragged out.

VOTE #3: to extend meeting by 1/2 hour.

3 concerns. There were 8 yesses and 8 nos so the motion fails.

Amotion to table this until the next meeting: 2 concerns: this is time sensitive.

The motion failed so it will be voted on now.


David S. And Lois accepted David K.'s amendement as a friendly amendment.

Charlene offered a different title and she put that in the chat. "GRP CONDEMNS AND OPPOSES WAR IN UKRAINE" Lois accepted the title change as a friendly amendment but Eileen did not.

Mike V's amendment is not under consideration.

There were several concerns with the suggested title. John felt that the title parrots NATO and the major media (as did several others).


VOTE#4: Should the title be changed to "GRP CONDEMNS AND OPPOSES WAR IN UKRAINE". 9 nos, 5 yesses, and 4 abstentions. Motion fails

VOTE#5: Accept proposal as amended: David S. Read the new proposal aloud.

There were 2 concerns; one would step aside and one would not.Co-facilitator Factor suggested tabling the committee reports and trademark matter to next time.

2:10          Trademark Matters re: Prior (Disaffiliated)  GRP Greater Boston Chapter-tabled

2:20          Committee Reports-tabled except for the State Convention Planning Committee

There was a 5 minute discussion of the GRP Convention which will be virtual in 2022. This event is scheduled for Oct. 1st. (A poll was sent out and that was the date chosen.) The technical team will be available that day. The statewide candidates can make a presentation.
2:50          Meeting Evaluation

Round robin- popcorn style- of mostly positive comments about this meeting. A doodle-poll will be sent around april 4thto determine the statecom spring #2 date.

3:00           Adjourn-3:26pm

Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Doyle

GRP member

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