agenda state committee 2012 09 23

A.Arrival and Registration, Register, pick up name tags and needed papers

(agenda of meeting, 

minutes of previous meeting, proposals, reports, etc.)9-9:30


B.Opening Business 9:30-10:20 

1.Selection of minutes taker, stacker, timekeeper, vibes-watcher, and

parliamentarian for the 


2.Quorum (Seat Alternates as appropriate)

3.Introductions (Name, County, Representative, Alternate or Guest, member

of local chapter, 

member of Adcom, Working Committee(s), GPUS, etc.

4.Election of New StateCom Representatives and Alternatives 

5.Approval of the Agenda for 9/23 Meeting

6.Approval of minutes of 6/23 StateComm meeting.

7.Setting time, place, and select co-facilitators for Winter, 2013 meeting.


C.Presentation and ranking of proposals) 10:20-10:50


D.Will there be a special agenda item for the 9/23 StateCom Meeting? If

yes, how long?  10:50-11:45 

(If no significant/interesting proposal develops, we propose a 30” timeslot

later in the meeting for 

Working Committees.)

If you have an idea, send it to us no later than Sunday, 9/09

E.Lunch: 11:45-12:45


F.Reports from Co-Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary, Electoral Campaigns, Local

Chapters, and Directors 

and Co-Chairs of Working Committees (Reports-less than 5 minutes each)

followed by brief questions 

and discussion 12:45-1:45


G.Urgent Business 1:45-2:15

1.Convention Planning Committee

2.Adcom will present Ballot Questions positions to StateCom for a vote.


H.Election of Vacancies (Nomination, Brief Speech, Election, Gratitude)



I.Consideration of Proposals: 2:30-4:00


J.End of Meeting 4:00-4:30

1.Round Robin Evaluation



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