Bio: Edward 'Jed' Stamas

I am a science educator from Northampton with over a decade of experience in the Massachusetts public school system. I am running for Massachusetts State Auditor to change the way oversight is conducted on Beacon Hill. The State Auditor is supposed to be a watchdog position for rooting out corruption and ensuring that taxpayer money is spent effectively, appropriately and efficiently. But how can anyone do this job in an unbiased way if they are a member of the party that is creating the waste and misspending in the first place?  We need an independent State Auditor who isn’t part of the system and who isn't corrupted by corporate interests.

Since writing to President Reagan for peace with the Soviet Union as an elementary school student, I have been a strong advocate for world peace and human rights. I have given speeches, participated in teach-ins, and marched in peace demonstrations with the Green-Rainbow party, Veterans for Peace, and Food Not Bombs. I was the producer and host of Freedom Files, a political issues show which featured the first television interview of Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

As auditor, I will bring real ethics and true human values to the job every day.

Join me in voting Green-Rainbow in 2018!