Greater Boston Chapter Endorses Francisco White for Boston City Council

Francisco.jpgThe Greater Boston Chapter of the Green-Rainbow Party unanimously and enthusiastically endorses the candidacy of Francisco L. White for the office of Boston City Councilor At-Large. 

Greg Williams, Co-Chair of the Greater Boston Chapter of the Green-Rainbow Party, notes that, "Francisco White brings a fresh voice to the table. He is concerned with a mix of issues including the Environment, Education, Employment and the reality of Sustainability that touches every corner of our City. Francisco has a vision of working within communities of color, with students, with LGBTQ communities, and those left in the margins by unseen power brokers. Power belongs to the neighborhoods and the people.  And that is where Francisco White will return it! His is a voice that will make things happen. The Greater Boston Chapter Supports Francisco L. White for Boston City Councilor at Large."

Jill Stein, Co-Chair of the Green-Rainbow Party and former Green Party Presidential Candidate comments, "Francisco White is a remarkable 26 year old candidate for Boston City Council. Having overcome failing schools, homelessness, and all the hurdles that Afro-Latino LGBTQ youth face, Francisco knows the daunting issues of Boston from the inside out. And he knows what it means to work hard and triumph in the face of adversity. He's an eloquent, inspirational voice for the community all Bostonians deserve - for good paying jobs, quality schools and public transportation, decent housing, environmental justice and fair treatment for all. He's the long shot candidate for a city with long shot problems - and the will to overcome!"

The campaign kickoff will be Tuesday, April 9, 2013, 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm, in Cooper Hall, Union United Methodist Church, 485 Columbus Avenue, Boston. For more information about Francisco White visit .

If you can come, please rsvp by clicking here.


For more information about Francisco, see:

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