Here Comes the "S" Word--SPOILER

By John Blumenstiel

We are living in the most perilous of times. Could anyone imagine 3 years ago that voting for the “lesser evil”  would now have us contemplating the horror of a two-theater nuclear war?  Could we ever have considered the thought that such a war would have as its primary sponsor the Democratic Party?

The present right-wing movement in America started in the 1970s, launched by the infamous Lewis Powell memo written for the US Chamber of Commerce with a game plan to repeal the “New Deal '' and return America to the rule of laissez-faire capitalism. They have consistently built their base and now control all three branches of government. How did this happen? For too many elections along the way voters voted for the "lesser evil". This path of lesser evil voting has led to today's crises. Progressives must hold onto the vision of truth in our electoral process for the survival of the American people in freedom, security, and democracy. We need a vehicle that carries this vision into the electoral process.  Thus, through electoral participation,  the Green Party US ( Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party) is providing the American people with an honest and challenging option that can reverse our country’s direction and refocus its energy as long as the people stand up and vote for their values and not their fears.


Einstein is said to have stated, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome”. Can we come to terms with the reality that the current political trajectory for America is disastrous and needs major redirection?

Third parties: Spoilers or agents of truth and change?

To understand the word "spoiler" we must comprehend what has been spoiled: our environment, an economy that fosters equal opportunity and freedom, domestic and global tranquility, public education, our healthcare system, our infrastructure, multi-ethnic and multi-racial solidarity, and a sense of purpose, meaning and hope.

 No third party has been anywhere near the levers of power during the 7+ decades of my lifetime and of our country's decline. Who, then, are the spoilers?   The Democratic and Republican parties, having steered the ship of state for those many decades, now have grounded us on the shoals of self-destruction. 

The Democratic and Republican parties are more proficient at character assassination and blame than a principled democratic debate of critical public policy.  Consequently, when voting, we are provided a personality contest vs. a critical public policy discussion and "voilà," the spoilage if you will, of unprecedented proportions.

We will build it and they will come.

Now that we have identified the "spoilers", what is to be done?

The GPUS will run a candidate for the presidency of the US. We are not naive about the uphill battle but believe that the only way to provide the American people with an election cycle of relevance and meaningful choice is to run on a platform that forces critical debate on critical issues. THIS IS NOT "SPOILING”. This is using the democratic process to change the destructive course of our country's two ruling parties. Accompanying this effort, we are in league with a progressive movement that offers the American voter truth and policy alternatives that can reverse our national decline. The Green Party is the only viable party that is promoting such an agenda.

The “spoilers” of our constitutional democracy lie clearly at the feet of the Democratic Party which now refuses to have presidential primary debates within their own nomination process and the Republican Party which spends an inordinate amount of money and energy promoting voter suppression throughout the country.

Regardless of the outcome, we will build a movement, essential for our times.  We promote an election of policy debate over character assassination, facts over misinformation and lies, and taking responsibility over blaming.

Join us as we:

  1. Create a government inclusive of the poor, working class, and all who have been marginalized
  2. Reinvent an America that stands for Peace, Truth, and Justice.
  3. Reintroduce to the American public respectful, honest debate on critical public policy
  4. Elect a president, congressional delegations, governorships, and state and local public servants.

This is the route to a constructive, progressive future.  VOTE GREEN, the “third '' party, and only viable party promoting essential change in America and challenging, in head-on, small “d” democratic electoral competition,  the true spoilers of America’s past and future, the Democratic and Republican parties.

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