GRP Secretary's Report

1. I requested the Voter File from the Secretary of the Commonwealth on January 2, 2020. We will need it to inform GRP Membership about our primary.

2. Juan Sanchez has resigned from CDLC, Renaming Working Group, and as GRP Observer to GPUS National Committee. He said the infighting has left him disheartened, but he will remain a loyal GRP member and wishes us well.

3. I attempted to gain insight into GRP Membership re: who to place on the GRP Ballot by creating a poll.

I was hoping for wide participation which I could present to Adcom as GRP Membership input on 2020 Primary Ballot creation. If there was enough support, perhaps the GRP could submit a modified list to the Secretary of the Commonwealth Elections Division before the statutory deadline of 5 PM on January 3, 2020. I curated what I believe to be 39 legit GRP participants and, based on my poll which yielded 39 legit entries, all candidates were placed on the ballot by the GRP Membership!

  • Dennis Lambert 85%
  • Kent Mesplay 77%
  • David Rolde 74%
  • Dario Hunter 100%
  • Chad Wilson 82%
  • Susan Buchser Lochocki 79%
  • Howie Hawkins 100%
  • Sedinam Moyowasiza-Curry 90%

(Adcom ignored these results as well as vocal dissent from GRP members and chapters over the limited ballot list, which only listed 4 out of possible 8 candidates. Candidate placement was decided by a 2/3 vote among 17 Statecom members.)

4. I learned something very important from this endeavor. My poll was created using Google Forms. Someone was submitting obviously fraudulent emails, which were easy enough to weed out. But anyone with knowledge of other peoples' emails could very easily hack my poll where I wouldn't be able to tell if they were real or not.

It turns out that the GPUS PCSC is using the same data collection method for candidate signature gathering.

  • There is no way to verify this data.
  • This form doesn't record ip address.
  • And one may resubmit at any time!
  • So if I knew any Green Party member's email, I could change their vote right now.
  • What's alarming is that state Green Parties are using this data to verify a candidates viability when deciding who is going to be on the ballot.

Rules and Procedures of the Green Party of the United States


10-1.5 Signatures of Support: Candidate has collected at least 100 signatures of support from Green Party members acquired via an online signature submission form provided by the PCSC. The PCSC, assisted by state party officers, shall be responsible for verifying that at least 100 of the submitted signatures are valid signatures of Green Party members. Of the 100 verified signatures, no more than 50 may be counted from any one state, and signatures must come from at least five state parties.

5. I have only begun the process of indexing approved proposals. I'm tagging all approved proposals here.

6. I found a Statecom-approved Bylaws Amendment that was never inserted into the Bylaws.

7. Here is another bylaw amendment that was never inserted.

  • Adcom Chapter Alternates
  • This amendment modifies section "9.21", which is now 9.10. and which I suspect has also seen subsequent changes in recent years. I will need to weed out subsequent amendments and then marry them.

Respectfully submitted by Joshua Gerloff, GRP Secretary.

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