Pioneer Valley Chapter

The Pioneer Valley Chapter has had a busy summer. Our members have been involved with a number of activist organizations. Rick Purcell helped to stop a gas pipeline from going through Holyoke thus making the pipeline a moot point. Lois Gagnon, Manny Pintado and Garrett Connelly have continued their work with the Western Mass Venezuela Solidarity Coalition. The group has held report backs from people who have been to Venezuela. Some of the Venezuela group members took part in the embassy protection action in Washington DC. The action committee of the coalition is in the process of showing films in order to educate the public about what is happening in Venezuela. Elizabeth Humphrey has been involved with the Wendell State Forest Alliance protesting logging of old growth oak trees. Other members of our chapter have agreed to join the alliance in an effort to help save the forest from further destruction. We are also collecting signatures to get Ranked Choice Voting on the ballot in 2020. We are in the process of setting up a calendar for tabling at events in the valley to try and recruit new members. Plus we've been trying to start a new chapter in Greenfield. Some of us took part in the Climate Strike in Boston and in Northampton. Five members of the chapter attended at least some of the ANM in July.

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