As the presidential campaign season gears up, it is more important than ever that progressives start to unite against the corporate interests’ groups and their complicit allies Republicans, and Democrats. That is why we are calling Mass voters to give a truly progressive alternative a try and register Green-Rainbow Party.


This may sound like a trivial request, but registering with your state Green Party is a huge step forward for the Green movement here in Massachusetts. If we can get enough voters to register Green-Rainbow Party that will secure our official Party status and ballot access for elected office here in our state for Green candidates, especially for our future Presidential Nominee to get on the ballot for 2024.

So please don’t delay and register today, online or at your local city or town hall.
Register Online -  (Note the State Green Party in MA is the designation Green-Rainbow Party (J)

In other news, we look forward to sending updates every month on the activity of our local chapters who are engaging with the community and talking to voters about the upcoming election such as our friends in the Southeast chapter who are active in Fall River and Brockton spreading the message about a true progressive alternative that can give the Democrats a run for their money here in Massachusetts.

Zachary Kontra

GRP Membership Director

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