The Membership Committee is excited to announce that our voter registration campaign is now in full swing. Our latest registration numbers from Jan 29, 2023, are currently at 3149 voters that are registered J/GRP. We will update you every month on our progress as we strive to meet our goal of 1% of mass voter rolls, roughly 43,000 registered voters!

To support our registration campaign, register at your local town or city hall as Green-Rainbow Party or register online at

In other news, Membership has begun working with our chapters and scheduling grass-roots organizing workshops to help improve our ground game for campaigning to build party support for future elections.

Lastly, keep an eye out for our membership table at the GRP State Convention, where we will unveil our new line of party materials such as pamphlets, flyers, door hangers, and bumper stickers for our outreach campaign. Stay tuned for more news from the GRP Membership Corner.

Double-Check Your Voter Registration Status

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