North Shore 4th Quarter 2018 Report


  • Male “Co”-chair Joshua Gerloff.
  • Treasurer Patrick Patterson.
  • Secretary Hal Brown.

Since the September 30, 2018 State Committee meeting, the Green-Rainbow Party North Shore Chapter has met seven times, with an average attendance of 4.

  • Members have stood out with signs in support of GRP Statewide Candidates;
  • Hal Brown made calls for Freedom for All, a campaign working toward a Yes on Ballot Question 3 victory.
  • Bonnie Caracciolo and Gail Gouveia serve the WMOP campaign.
  • Bonnie, Gail, Hal and Josh marched in the WMOP on October 21, 2018.
  • Members are partnering with Chelsea Uniting Against the War (CUAW) to stop military recruitment in high schools.
  • Fed the homeless with March On Pentagon (MOP) and Food for Activists.
  • We removed treasury from our bylaws. We don’t collect money.

The NSC has representatives on GRP Working Committees:

  • Adcom: 1 member (Secretary of the GRP); No voting rep from the chapter.
  • MDVR: 1 member
  • Comcom: 1 member
  • TGR: 1 member
  • ANM WG: 2 members
  • GPUS ANM Com: 1 member
  • Statecom: 2 members
  • Total of 2 individuals on 6 state-level committees.
  • Total of 1 individual on 1 national-level committee. Yay Hal!

Respectfully submitted,

Joshua Gerloff, North Shore Chapter “Co”-chair

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