Review AdCom structure

Title:  Review AdCom structure

Sponsors: Merelice, requested co-sponsor has not yet responded

Contact info: [email protected]

To be vetted by: AdCom, Procedures Committee


For many years, the Administrative Committee consisted of the four officers, the three directors, and five diversity representatives. In 2008, this was changed. AdCom now consists of the four officers and two or three diversity representatives. The directors (membership, fundraising, and communications) are welcome to participate in adcom meetings to the extent of their ability.

Supporters of the change anticipated three key benefits: (1) The directors would be able to focus on developing their working committees without the added demands of serving on adcom. (2) With more robust working committees, decisions and actions would be carried out by a larger number of people, thus fulfilling the key value of decentralization. (3) AdCom would not be as diverted by work that should be done by working committees and would thus be able to attend to its administrative and other responsibilities.

This restructuring was to be reviewed after it had been tested. Recently, because AdCom has not had a full complement of membership, directors attended many AdCom meetings instead of being able to focus on developing their working committee. At times, director slots have also been empty, once again placing the burden on AdCom to carry out those responsibilities.


With the election of a new Administrative Committee, this is an appropriate time to re-evaluate the structure and activities of this important committee.


The State Committee requests that the Administrative Committee, along with the three directors (membership, fundraising, and communications) evaluate the practicality and benefits, or lack thereof, of the current structure of the Administrative Committee, including the number and makeup of its membership.

Budget impact: None


The new Administrative Committee will determine the period of time it needs to function before it can make this evaluation and whether it can do so by either the April or July State Committee meeting.

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  • Mike Heichman
    commented 2012-01-08 16:42:38 -0500
    I’m happy to co-sponsor this proposal.

    Mike Heichman, Suffolk County