Special June 2016 Minutes

Green-Rainbow Party State Committee Telecon Meeting
Sunday, June 5, 2016 at 7:00 pm
State Com Members Present:
Bill Ashley                                                                           David Gerry, Co-chair facilitator. Stacker and
Angel Ayala                                                                        Timekeeper
Roni Beal
Owen Broadhurst
Charlene DiCalogero
Darlene Elias
Danny Factor
Ian Jackson
Daniel Kontoff
M K Merelice
Joyce Palmer-Fortune
Manual Pintado
David Rolde
David Spanagel
Daphne Stevens
Elie Yarden
16 members present – quorum established
StateCom Telecon Meeting was called to approve Green-Rainbow Party delegates to the Green Party Presidential Nominating Committee.
David Spanagel presented the process of selecting delegates to the GPUS PNC.  The Presidential Working Group received 14 applications to be either a delegate or alternate by MARCH 10, 2016.  The applications were processed and data entered into a spreadsheet.  Codes were entered that represented points after the presidential primary vote.  The results were:
Jill Stein                                5 delegates
S. Curry                                1 delegate
Uncommitted                    4 delegates
DECISION: Massachusetts delegation approved by consensus, as specified below:
John Andrews, Stein
Thomas E. Dalton, uncommitted
Kendrah Davis, Stein
Charlene DiCalogero, uncommitted
John Stephen Dwyer, uncommitted
Darlene Elias, Stein
Daniel Factor, Stein
Joyce Palmer-Fortune, Stein
Ian Jackson, uncommitted
M.K. Merelice, Curry
Charlene DiCalogero:  Of the 10 selected delegates, how many will carry proxies and are all the delegates committed to serve?
David Spanagel:  NONE OF THE APPLICANTS have been OFFICIALLY CONTACTED YET, SO IT IS HARD TO SAY WHO IS CURRENTLY "COMMITTED TO SERVE."  ONE DELEGATE and two alternates INDICATED THAT THEY do not want to travel to Houston.  There are two “maybe” responses ABOUT TRAVELING, AMONG THE DELEGATES.  Seven delegates, plus two alternates INDICATED willingNESS to travel.
Dan Kontoff:  Do we need 14 delegates to attend National Convention?
Joyce Palmer-Fortune:  Anyone can attend the convention whether or not they are a delegate.  An alternate can attend.  GRP has 10 seats.
Darlene Elias:  What is the minimum number of delegates to attend convention?
David Spanagel:  AT LEAST Half the official delegates MUST appear in person and THEY CAN EACH can carry a proxy vote to represent a delegate not on site.
Ian Jackson:  As treasurer, we need to find a way to obtain verification from five people aside from the travel expense.
David Rolde:  He did not apply because of expected travel expense.
Elie Yarden:  What are the criteria for intention to attend the convention?
David Spanagel:   In July 2015 STATE COMMITTEE APPROVED THE DELEGATE SELECTION PLAN DOCUMENT, that spelled out the process and a decision was made about the criteria to attend the convention.  AT LEAST Seven (7) people will attend the convention, two MORE maybe replies; one DELEGATE will not attend.  The delegation to REPRESENT MASSACHUSETTS AT the convention is the goal.
Darlene:  Who are the alternates?
There are four alternates.  Their names (as well as all 10 of the Delegates) were listed in the attachment that went out with the agenda for the meeting.
Roni Beal
Steven Ballard
Samuel Fishman
Daphne Stevens
David began to review the points system as specified in the Delegate Selection Plan, as an answer to Elie's question.
20 points were for being named by a candidate as a "preferred" delegate.
7 points were for being the top-scoring delegate applicant from one's Congressional District.
Ian:  Decisions (POINTS SYSTEM) DOES NOT FACTOR IN financial need; APPLICANTS may have had expectation to receive some financial aid.
Manny Pintado:  Made a request to read the process for selecting delegates once more.
Charlene DiCalogero:  Charlene noted that she has had a problem communicating with one person on the list.
David Rolde:  David suggested that names be read for voting process.
Roni Beal, Secretary, read the names of StateCom members listed as present at the meeting for a vote.
Vote:  Sixteen members voted approval of delegate list.
No member in attendance opposed.  No member in attendance abstained.
Meeting adjourned at 7:26 pm

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  • David Rolde
    commented 2016-07-14 19:18:19 -0400
    Where it says “David Rolde: He did not apply because of expected travel expense.”: Tha is not what I said. What I actually said is that I didn’t realize that one can still be a delegate without actually attending the GNC. Therefore I didn’t apply because I didn’t know if I will be able to attend the GNC or not. I suggested that the delegate selection process could be made clearer that someone can be a delegate without actually attending the convention. I said that I was stating this concern but that I did not attend to block the approval of the delegates. Merelice actually then direct responded that the application did in fact state that someone can be a delegate without attending the GNC. I thanked Merelice for her direct response. I did not say anything about travel expenses. There are a lot of other reasons besides travel expenses for why someone might not be able to attend the GNC.
  • David Spanagel
    commented 2016-07-09 09:00:45 -0400
    To complete the thought begun in the discussion item that reads: "David began to review the points system as specified in the Delegate Selection Plan, as an answer to Elie’s question.
    20 points were for being named by a candidate as a “preferred” delegate.
    7 points were for being the top-scoring delegate applicant from one’s Congressional District."
    I would add “5 points were for intending to travel to attend the convention in person.”
  • David Spanagel
    commented 2016-07-09 08:57:06 -0400
    In the DECISION list of Delegate names, “M. K. Merelice” should be rewritten as “M K Merelice” (as modeled in the list of meeting attendees).