Spring 2015 agenda

Draft Agenda

State Committee Meeting
Spring, 2015

9:00   Registration & Credentialing / Refreshments
9:30  Call To Order, Co-Chair's Welcome and Advisement about Preparing Mailers
           During the Meeting
9:40  Short Performance
9:50 Secretary’s confirmation of quorum,  Identify and Confirm Timekeeper,
          Vibes Watcher, Stacker, and Parliamentarian, seating alternates  if needed,
           elect new statecom members if any.
10:00  Approve the day’s agenda. PLEASE REVIEW AND COMMENT AHEAD OF
10:10 Selection of July 2015 State Committee Location, Date and Co-Facilitators
             (available Sundays in July are: 5, 10,19,26)
10:15 Approval of Winter 2015 State Committee Meeting Minutes  PLEASE REVIEW
            PRIOR TO ARRIVAL

10:25  Elect diversity members/ any new chapter reps to adcom/any nat'l  
             committee appointments

10:35  Statecom Endorsement of Merelice for Brookline Selectperson
10:40   Ad Com Report: Co Chairs Report, Treasurers Report, Secretary's Report
             (Please prepare reports in writing and summarize orally. One minute each
              allotted for oral summary and discussion.)

10:45   Working Groups Report: CDLC, Fundraising, MD&VR, Platform, Action,
              Legislative, Communications
             (1 minute each for report. 2 minutes each for discussion. Groups are
              encouraged to submit a report in writing and summarize orally.)
11:05   Developing a Strategy For Print and Social Media
             (MD&VR and Communications Committees)
11:30   Our GRP Plan For 2015-2016
12:00   GRP Convention Report and Discussion
12:10   2016 Presidential Elections Schedule (John)
12:30     2016 State Com and Town Committee Election Deadlines (Frank)
12:35  Lunch

1:15   Formation of Presidential Campaign Working Group (PCWG)
1:25    Presentation about Merelice for Select Person Campaign (Merelice)
1:35      Canvassing For Merelice
3:20     Afternoon Performance
3:25    Announcements:
             Factor Trial-- Monday, April 13th
             Pass Mass Amendment Petitioning in Fall
3:35     Reports From Proposal Shepherds Re: Past Proposals
3:40     Report from National Delegates
3:55      Elected Official Reports
4:15      Chapter and Town/Ward Committee Reports –
             Chapters: Berkshires, Pioneer Valley, Nashua River, Assabet River Valley,
             Greater Boston, Southcoast
             Town/Ward Committee Reports: (None Yet)
4:45     Closing Statement From Co-Chair
4:55     Round Robin
5:00     Adjourn


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  • Daniel Factor
    commented 2015-04-08 11:27:45 -0400
    Thank you, Maureen for all your work. I understand if you have another morning obligation, but I would hate to see things like sense of direction and Boston traffic interfere with you being able to spend the whole morning with us. Have you looked into carpooling with others? Anything that the facilitators can do to help? We’d really like everyone who doesnt have another morning obligation to be on time at 9 a.m. Let us know if we can help. We do very much appreciate that people are coming from far away and need to start out very early.

    I think that John’s presentation will take care of our legal obligations in regard to the 2016 election. Three candidates, Kent Mesplay and Daryl Cherney (both out of state) and Jill Stein have formed exploratory committees and on the web are acting as if they are full fledged Green Party presidential candidates.
  • Daniel Factor
    commented 2015-04-01 11:59:40 -0400
    John, as a result of your comment, and after consulting with the GRP co-chairs, we have added the time slot “Formation of Presidential Campaign Working Group (PCWG)” at 1:15 P.M.
  • Daniel Factor
    commented 2015-04-01 11:57:25 -0400
    Mike, in response to your comment about the reporting on the “establishment of two statewide commitees”:

    Please see that there are reports to be given by the Action and Legislative Committees at 10:45 a.m. Progress can also be reported when the shephards of past proposals report at 3:35 p.m.
  • John Andrews
    commented 2015-03-29 18:05:10 -0400
    I hope this can be taken up as urgent business: StateCom should establish a Presidential Campaign Working Group (PCWG) to plan and execute tasks required for the GRP to participate in the 2016 presidential primary, the 2016 Green Party Nominating Convention, and the 2016 presidential election. An explanation of the responsibilities of this working group will be provided in the 12:10 agenda item, so that discussion should precede any vote on establishing the PCWG.
  • Michael Heichman
    commented 2015-03-29 11:39:19 -0400
    Will the GRP Plans for 2015-16 have a progress report on what has happened to our decisions made (establishment of 2 statewide committees) at our January StateCom meeting?

  • Daniel Factor
    commented 2015-03-28 23:10:17 -0400
    Mike, I hope that the agenda items at 11:30 am (GRP Plan for 2015-16) and 12:10 pm and 12:30 p.m. respectively (pertaining to the 2016 elections) satify your request.
  • Michael Heichman
    commented 2015-03-18 19:15:41 -0400
    Danny and Daphne (Co-facilitators of the April StateCom Meeting), StateCom and CDLC:

    Request for the April State Com Meeting-30 Minutes

    I would like a report from the CDLC on our party’s plans for the 2016 presidential election. I believe that the party needs to submit 2 plans to the Commonwealth. Would it be possible for the CDLC to come up with a preliminary timetable and calendar?

    After the report, I would like for StateCom to have a political discussion-How can the GRP use the election to help us build our state party? One suggestion is that I would like us to invite all known potential candidates to attend and speak at the upcoming annual convention.


    Mike Heichman