State Committee Meets July 8th at 9am

Nominations for open GRP leadership positions will be considered at this meeting.  Strong leadership is crucial for this upcoming election year.

GRP members who are not State Committee members may submit nominations for any GRP member in good standing. Only State Committee members present at the meeting may vote for the candidates.


The following positions will be available for election.

Female Co-chair

  • Act as an official spokesperson for the Green-Rainbow Party; 
  • Set the agenda for administrative committee meetings; 
  • Arrange for the facilitation of all state conventions, state committee, and administrative committee meetings; 
  • Notify other administrative committee members and directors of meetings; 
  • Ensure that other administrative committee members and directors are performing their duties.

Fundraising Director

  • Ensure that the Green-Rainbow Party prepares a fundraising plan with the yearly budget; 
  • Co-chair the finance and fundraising working committee. 
  • Ensure that the fundraising plan is executed; 
  • Ensure that the Green-Rainbow Party meets its fundraising goals; 
  • Ensure that chapters have assistance with expanding their fundraising efforts; 
  • Find experienced fundraisers who will work with the state party and chapters to improve their fundraising. 

GPUS Delegate (female)

  • To represent their caucus, state, territory, or district;
  • To inform state constituencies of GPUS proposals, votes, actions, and other matters;
  • To vote on proposals;
  • To further the work of the GPUS by serving on committees, or help
    provide a replacement volunteer from your state party or caucus

GPUS Alternate(female) (2)

  • To carry out the same responsibilities in the absence of the female Delegate. 

GPUS Alternate(Non-Binary or Male) (2)

  • To carry out the same responsibilities in the absence of the male/non-binary Delegate. 

Other Possible Elections

  • New StateCom Members
  • AdCom Diversity Representatives
  • AdCom Chapter Representatives (as nominated by their chapter)

If you would like to attend this Zoom meeting, please email [email protected] for the link.

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