Statecom Membership


Mem 1
Alt 0
Active Sex Party Committee 1 Committee 2 District Region
John Andrews 1 Y M G-R CDLC    
Roni Beal 1 Y F G-R Fundraising Convention Central MA
Brian Cady 1 Y M G-R Treasurer AdCom Western MA
Charlene DiCalogero 1 Y F G-R     Central MA
Maureen Doyle 1 Y F G-R Secretary Communications Central MA
Daniel Factor 1 Y M G-R      
Lois Gagnon 1 Y F G-R     Western MA
Jamie Guerin 1 Y F G-R



Western MA

Elizabeth Humphreys 1 Y F G-R



Western MA

Francis Jeffers 1 Y M G-R



Western MA

David Keil 1 Y M G-R      
Daniel Kontoff 1 Y M G-R


Eileen Wheeler Sheehan 1 Y F G-R


AdCom Southeast MA
David Spanagel 1 Y M G-R CDLC   Central MA
Jill Stein 0 Y F G-R     Central MA
Richard Vaillette 1 Y M G-R     Central MA
Total Members = 15            
Current Quorum = 9            


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  • Elizabeth Humphrey
    commented 2023-09-22 11:20:58 -0400
    09-22-23 – 11:20am
    I second John Andrew.
    Please remember John’s suggestion to include revision dates in the document.
    Thank you for your time & efforts!
  • John Andrews
    commented 2023-09-22 09:54:01 -0400
    9/22/23: The GRP Secretary should update this list A revision date should be put at the top.
  • Elizabeth Humphrey
    commented 2023-04-25 20:35:29 -0400
    This list is approx 2 years old.
    3 of these members are no longer in the party and others are either no longer holding these positions, or they have added positions to their active member list.
    It would be lovely if it could be updated asap.
    Thank you for your time & efforts!
  • Donna Goodman
    commented 2022-06-10 12:14:38 -0400
    I would to become a part of this organization. I’ve been a lesbian my whole life and it would be awesome to meet and help with those who are similar to me
  • Joshua Gerloff
    published this page in State Committee 2020-04-05 12:15:58 -0400