Statecom Membership


Mem 1
Alt 0
Active Sex Party Committee 1 Committee 2 District Region
John Andrews 1 Y M J CDLC AdCom Boston
Matthew Andrews 1 Y M J Fundraising Convention Boston
Brian Cady 1 Y M J Fundraising   Pioneer
Jill Stein 1   F J     Boston
Dan Kontoff 1 Y M J     Boston
Mike Vaglica 1 Y M J Fundraising   Boston
Elizabeth Humphrey 1 Y F J     Pioneer
Lois Gagnon 1 Y F J




Roni Beal 1 Y F J


CMGR Co-chair

Fun Fin


Richard Vaillette 1 Y M J




Charlene DiCalogero 1 Y F J Female Cochair CDLC
David Rolde 1 Y M  


David Spanagel 1 Y M J

CMGR Co-chair

Joshua Gerloff 1 Y M J Secretary MDVR
Daniel Factor 1 Y M J ARVC Cochair AdCom Metrowest
David Keil 1 Y M J Communications   Metrowest
Linda Thompson 1 Y F J

GPUS Diversity


GPUS Outreach Metrowest
Total Members = 17            
Current Quorum = 9            


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  • Donna Goodman
    commented 2022-06-10 12:14:38 -0400
    I would to become a part of this organization. I’ve been a lesbian my whole life and it would be awesome to meet and help with those who are similar to me
  • Joshua Gerloff
    published this page in State Committee 2020-04-05 12:15:58 -0400