Statecom Minutes 2019-09-24

GRP Statecom Special Teleconference Minutes September 24, 2019


People present: Joshua Gerloff, Roni Beal, Matt Andrews, Brian Cady, Hal Brown, John Andrews, Mike Vaglica (Alternate), Charlene DiCalogero, David Rolde, Elie Yarden


Quorum is 7, reached.


Facilitator: Charlene

Minutes: Brian


Agenda: Delegate Selection Procedure (DSP)


JohnA: explanation of DSP. Oct. 1st deadline. Invites Questions.


David R. reports trouble getting into call.


Danny F’s concern relayed by Josh G. The bar should be low re candidates getting on the ballot. Danny is opposed to arbitrary exclutions ie financial/donation minimums, etc. The candidates have done enough: they have broadcast their message, attended ANM Presidential Forum and the Black Caucus Forum, etc. That should be enough. Would vote ‘No’ if the decision made tonight excludes candidates from the ballot.


John A: Presidential Election Plan (PEP) determines Pres. Candidates, not DSP


David R: When do we make the decision of which  pres. candidates get onto the ballot?


JohnA: PEP will be determined ~Jan 2020.


MattA: Who sends the DSP to all candidates? Page 5, section 1.4 ‘… the number of seats in 2016 is expected to be 11.

John A: should be “2020 number of seats should be 9”

JohnA: Question about why candidates aren’t allowed to choose all the delegates: the plan was originally written in 2012 as a compromise, so that candidates select some but not all delegates.


CharleneD: emailed comments, typos, Sect. 8 credentialling – birthdates needed?

JohnA: patching up wording possible. Accreditation committee sets rules, including birthdates. Incomplete documentation from some states, history of delegates selection snafus.


CharleneD: urges support for the DSP. Who gets emails sent to candidates [at]

DavidR: presidential candidates select up to 4 possible delegates.


  1. Pres. Candidates send in names of (4?) preferred delegates.

2.… after primary, Pres. Candidates can select their 4 delegates from the qualified list.

PCWG will correspond with candidates… who must respond to MA and 40 other states.

ElieY: primary ballot write-in versus ‘no preference’: will there be a “no preference” option?

John A: I’ll look into it.


HalB: After, please spellcheck.


CD: grammatically has issues, saw no spelling errors


CD asks for roll call for consensus on DSP:

JoshG calls roll


MA: y

RB: y

HalB Y

BC: y






unanimous 10 for yes


Decisions Made:


DSP motion Passes by consensus.



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