t-shirt contest

tshirt_sample.jpgThe Green-Rainbow Party (GRP), the Massachusetts Affiliate of the Green Party of the United States, is having a design ideas competition for its new T-shirt. 

Anyone may enter, and contestants may submit any number of designs.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

The design should convey the GRP’s message, in words and/or graphics, generally or in detail, symbolically or literally.  Information on the GRP can be found at www.green-rainbow.org and on our Facebook page.  The meaning of the Green-Rainbow Party name is explained here: www.green-rainbow.org/name. National Green Party positions can be found at the US Green Party website, as well as that of Jill Stein, presumptive Green Party 2012 candidate for President of the US.

Ideas may be presented in sketches or described in a written text.

You may suggest ideas for the front and/or the back of the shirt. 

The shirt will be Kelly green cotton.  A picture of a green T-shirt is attached as a base for those who want to draw the design onto the shirt.

Designs may use up to two colors.



Here’s how to enter:

Submit your entries by May 30, 2012.

Send your entries, and any questions, to [email protected]

We reserve the right to choose a submitted design, or to use ideas from various contestants to create a design. 

You may identify yourself or submit anonymously, as you prefer.

The final design will be posted on the Green-Rainbow Party website and our facebook page, along with the names of the contestants whose ideas were used in creating the design.

Contestants whose ideas are used will get a free T-shirt!

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