United to Save Our Democracy campaign

Sponsor: Peter White, former chair Cape Cod Green Party, former member of MGRP Statecom, lifelong activist and Dreamer

The goal of this proposal is to unite the 99% from left to right to move our Nation forward, as the people united cannot be defeated but the people divided will always be defeated.  The GRP and Green Party USA can be lead organizers to bring together the hundreds of different groups to work on common issues such as the Move to Amend effort, renewable energy development, ending the wars for OIL, and freedom and justice issues guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution (which are uniting documents).

Community forums with information tables would give the Green Party movement a lot of exposure beyond the progressive 1% and ability to recruit members.  No budget impact outside of hand-outs; local people would arrange local meeting places and provide refreshments.

"For 1,000 hacking at the branches of evil there's one chopping at the roots." Henry David Thoreau

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