Winter 2019 Meeting

8:30am Set-up

9am Credentialing, pick up members from S. Acton station

9:30am Call for Quorum / Meeting Start

9:35am Modify/Approve Agenda: 10 minutes.

9:45am Previous Minutes Approval - 10 minutes See: 

9:55am Next Meetings: Set the time for next telecon; and time and place & choose facilitators for the next quarter's meeting. - 10 minutes

10:05am Reports - 15 min

  • 2018 Election Analysis

10:20am 2018 Financial End of Year Report, questions; 2019 Budget Presentation and Approval - 35 min

Break - 5 min

11am Urgent Matters:

  • Annual National Meeting hosting working group report - 20 min

11:20 Approve any new appointments (standard agenda item) - 5 – 10 min

Request for appointment to GPUS Animal Rights Committee? To take effect immediately.

Request for re-appointment to GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC) to take effect May 2019


Old Business:

11:30 Updates, response to WBUR On Point slander of Green Party - 15 minutes

11:45am Martina Robinson memorial – 15 min


noon: Lunch Break


1:00pm Proposal 1 – 30 min

1:30pm Reports from chapters (standard agenda item) - 20 min

1:50pm Proposal 2 – 45 min (time/decision check at 2:15pm)

Break - 5 min


2:40pm Reports from Working Committees and Directors (standard agenda item) - 30 min

                CDLC, Comm and Comm Dir, FR and Finance, MDV and Membership Dir, State Convention, Tech and Data

3:10pm Proposal 3 - 25 min

3:35pm Recruiting candidates for 2020 (CDLC) - 10 min

3:45pm Round Robin Feedback

3:55pm Adjourn and cleanup.

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