Quill_Pen.pngThe Senate is now considering the bill passed by the House. One of longest serving writers and activists in the Green-Rainbow Party has penned a letter to Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren, demanding that they remove the section of the “For the People” Act which would effectively purge third parties and independents from election ballots. We urge you to follow the example of John Blumenstiel and demand that our senators vote to remove these exceptionally undemocratic parts of the Act.GRP_Logo_LEAF_20.png

By John Blumenstiel

Dear Senators Markey and Warren:
It does not take a student of history to see the continuing demise of our democracy over these past decades. The causes are many, but fundamentally have to do with the influence of money in politics, the increasing corporate control over our national, state and local governments, the loss of assertive media coverage of honest public discourse, and dis-empowerment of the electorate.

To address some of these problems, the US congress is now considering HR.1. and S.1. as potential solutions to this critical demise of our democracy via voter suppression. Many positive changes are recommended and supported by the Democratic establishment. The legislation provides good coverage for those desiring to appear "reformist", but in essence, it further undermines the critical need for a vibrant democracy.

Our two party system has atrophied into a platform for only the established corporate interests too fearful to change. Cases in point. Medicare for All is supported by 60% plus of the American people. However, per president Biden, it is unaffordable and Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer reject it. $15 minimum wage? We all know what happened to that. Endless wars and constantly escalating defense spending does not serve the needs of the American people.

All efforts to address the needs of the people are thwarted by an ossified political class that fails to understand the needs of the people much less support them. A vibrant democracy requires the open exchange of ideas generated by active participation of all the people in the democratic process. Our bipartisan political leadership is frozen in fear and unable to envision new pathways out of our dilemmas.

What is the solution to this atrophy? The building of a political process that is inclusive, honest and open to ideas and policies appropriate for a changing time in which we face increasing existential crises.

S.1, through its campaign finance "reform" moves in a diametrically opposite direction. For the majority of Americans who now profess the need for a third party movement, these public funding aspects of S.1 bury the notion of inclusiveness, creativity and openness to new ideas. This demonstrates an unconscionable disregard for true democracy.

For too long the range of political debate has been defined by the narrow interests of the corporate class.

There are answers to our serious problems outside this narrow range of choices currently provided.. They will never even surface. however, if we smother the infancy of new solutions by supporting reformist posing legislation that inhibits the proving ground for new ideas: the ability of third parties to grow, promote new understanding of problems, new solutions, and are provided a modicum of a level playing field.

Supporting S.1 and its campaign financing provisions is the antithesis of democracy.

We urge a NO vote and strenuously request your specific response to the peoples' concerns regarding our need for legislation that will restore our democracy, not thwart it.

I, and the voters of Massachusetts, look forward to receiving your response to this most serious issue.

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  • Kevin Moran
    commented 2021-04-29 13:11:14 -0400
    While I feel Mr. Blumenstiel wrote this letter well, I feel it might be a little aggressive, lengthy, and perhaps insulting. The content seems true enough, but seems stained with frustration. I feel this could have been presented in a more concise and peaceful manor.
  • Jack Swindlehurst
    published this page in News 2021-04-29 06:58:52 -0400