GRP Central Mass Green-Rainbow Chapter Report Spring 2020

CMGR report to StateCom – July 29, 2020

Since the January 4, 2020 State Committee meeting, the Central Massachusetts chapter has met seven times, with an average attendance of 7.0 attendees/meeting.

The two main accomplishments in January and February involved launching our chapter member Charlene’ DiCalogero’s 2020 campaign for State Representative in the Worcester 12th district, and
planning for Central Massachusetts 2020 regional convention.

In March Covid-19 struck, and all chapter meetings and activities went virtual. The Central Massachusetts regional convention approved a gender-balanced delegation of 6 CMGR members to represent the region on the GRP’s State Committee, Including the member who was elected in the 2020 Presidential Primary: Charlene DiCalogero, Roni Beal, Karen Sargent, David Spanagel, Dick Vaillette, and Mark Laserte.

In April we elected a new slate of officers for the coming year: Roni Beal and David Spanagel are the incoming Co-Chairs, the Secretary position is rotating monthly for now, and the chapter still needs to appoint a representative to AdCom. We also voted to approve two additional chapter members to serve as Alternates to State Committee: Priscilla Espinosa and Matthew Moncreaff.

In May one chapter member won reelection to municipal public office: Sharon Moss is continuing as a Representative Town Meeting member in Shrewsbury.

In June, reflecting on the George Floyd murder by police, we devoted meeting time to open a discussion of racism in our region, the impact of white-body supremacy, and how we each might do more to support Black Lives in the CMGR. The chapter reaffirmed its desire to participate together and support each other in the Racial Equity Habit Challenge.

In July two members of the chapter served as delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention: Roni Beal and Charlene DiCalogero. At its monthly chapter meeting, the chapter also officially approved a revision of its bylaw language (that had been proposed for initial consideration at the June meeting). This modification now assures that membership in the Central Massachusetts Green-Rainbow chapter represents an appropriate and exclusive commitment by each member to just our chapter’s voice in state party issues. CMGR members must have ties to the central Massachusetts region (specified for now to include all the cities and towns in Worcester County) either by place of residence or of employment. Current members of other regional chapters may not join CMGR.

Participation on Working Committees, StateCom, AdCom
State Convention Planning Committee: 1 member (committee chair) (Roni)
Candidate Development and Legal Committee: 1 member (Charlene)
Fundraising: 1 member (Roni)

AdCom: 1 member (ex officio, Charlene as GRP Female Co-Chair); still need to appoint a chapter rep
StateCom: 6 reps (Charlene, Roni, Karen, David, Dick, and Mark)
Total of 6 individuals from the chapter are participating on state-level committees.

Respectfully submitted,
David Spanagel, Male Co-Chair of CMGR

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