Newly Elected Green-Rainbow Officers 2023

Welcome Newly Elected Green-Rainbow Officers

  • Mike Pascucci, Male Co-Chair
  • Maureen Doyle, Secretary
  • Brian Cady, Treasurer
  • Zachary Kontra, Membership Director
  • Eileen Wheeler Sheehan, Communications Director
  • Maureen Doyle, Female GPUS Delegate
  • Danny Factor and Mike Pascucci, Male or Nonbinary GPUS Delegate

Note:  All votes were cast and counted under the Ranked Choice Voting rules.

See 2023 Green-Rainbow annual state convention election results

Opportunities to Serve

If you are interested in making a real contribution to our Party in the upcoming election year, please click on the link to our bylaws where you will find descriptions of the duties of the open GRP offices that are listed below.  Then, please join us at the next State Committee meeting on July 8th to run for office or to nominate a fellow Green-Rainbow Party member.

Available Offices

  • Female Co-Chair
  • Fundraising Director
  • Female GPUS Delegate
  • Female GPUS Alternate
  • Non-Binary or Male GPUS Alternate (2)

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