Stop the Toxic Pipeline

Just as President Biden is promising to ramp up fracking and shipments of natural gas to our European allies, and a new study reports that domestic gas stoves consumption is a major contributor to air pollution (see report above), corporate giant Eversource is pushing ahead with a pipeline expansion plan through Longmeadow and Springfield. Continue reading

March 6, International Day of Protest: No War in Ukraine!

"War between the United States and Russia would risk human extinction. Both have policies to use nuclear weapons and could resort to them in the fog of war. Nuclear war would cause ecosystem collapse and humanity to starve. What exactly are we risking this for?" Dr. Jill Stein Continue reading

Julian Assange Nears Extradition to the United States

Julian Assange, the world-famous prisoner of conscience, has one final appeal left as of January 25, 2022.  Failing this appeal, Assange is expected to be shipped to one of the America’s high-security prisons for a crime of which he has not been convicted. Continue reading

Barriers Against The LGBTQ+ Community Are Breaking Down

It is incredible to witness the ever-changing climate towards the LGBTQ+ community, a community that has always existed in human history but has been largely marginalized throughout. It was not that long ago that this subculture had to endure a daily struggle just to survive under the regime of the center-right Christian majority in this country.  Now, years later, it is a thriving community with more legal protections and a wide range of public support than any time in modern history. Continue reading

Running with the Green Team--Why Me?

You have thought about making a difference. You have some good ideas about what needs to be done. As a registered Green-Rainbow voter you support a living wage, excellent public education, health care for all, and equal rights for people regardless of their gender identity. You want to see an end to the corrupt effects of big money on elections, mass incarceration, and systemic racism. Moreover, you understand the underlying imperative: we all need a livable planet now and for future generations. But besides writing letters, or going to marches and demonstrations, what can you really do? Continue reading