Barriers Against The LGBTQ+ Community Are Breaking Down

It is incredible to witness the ever-changing climate towards the LGBTQ+ community, a community that has always existed in human history but has been largely marginalized throughout. It was not that long ago that this subculture had to endure a daily struggle just to survive under the regime of the center-right Christian majority in this country.  Now, years later, it is a thriving community with more legal protections and a wide range of public support than any time in modern history. Continue reading

Running with the Green Team--Why Me?

You have thought about making a difference. You have some good ideas about what needs to be done. As a registered Green-Rainbow voter you support a living wage, excellent public education, health care for all, and equal rights for people regardless of their gender identity. You want to see an end to the corrupt effects of big money on elections, mass incarceration, and systemic racism. Moreover, you understand the underlying imperative: we all need a livable planet now and for future generations. But besides writing letters, or going to marches and demonstrations, what can you really do? Continue reading

Our Colonial Approach to Health

Brendan Eappen volunteered to be a participant in Moderna’s vaccine trial just months after SARS-CoV-2, (the virus that causes Covid-19), was first identified.  Last week, he told Moderna he was going to quit unless they shared the vaccine with low-income countries. Continue reading

Elephants in the Room -The Insatiable Twins

The US COVID pandemic demonstrates our American healthcare failures. From whence does this failure arise? The recently approved Federal Budget includes $1.68 trillion for discretionary (non-mandatory) spending.  Of this, $830 billion is slated for the Department of Defense ( $778 billion) and Homeland Security ($52 billion)  This does not include Veterans Administration’s costs for healthcare for the physically and mentally impaired veterans of our foreign interventions and wars. Collectively, these costs are an ever-increasing one that comes out of diminished resources for the country’s education, housing, environmental protection, national infrastructure, and as we are now sorely experiencing our country’s healthcare system. Continue reading

"Dagger at the Throat of Democracy"

On Wednesday, January 20th, all Republicans and two Democratic senators in Washington killed the Freedom to Vote and the John Lewis Voting Rights Amendment Acts for the year. President Joe Biden, in a highly promoted speech January 11, warned that the Republicans are “placing a dagger at the throat of democracy”. Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell accused the Democrats of “trying to take over our democracy on a one-party basis.” Both major parties have been sounding the alarm that American democracy is the other party. Continue reading

2022 Election Dates to Remember

To run as a Green-Rainbow Candidate for a local or regional office, register with your local election officials by March 2, 2022. To run as a Green-Rainbow Candidate for a statewide or Congressional office, register by March 9, 2022. To vote in a 2022 statewide election, register online or with your local election officials by October 18, 2022 Vote Green-Rainbow November 8, 2022!       

Looking For A Few Good Candidates in 2022

  We are reaching out to you about our statewide candidate search for 2022. We’re interested learning how you would like to participate in our effort to find the candidates who will run as representatives of the Green-Rainbow Party to advance “People, Planet and Peace. Continue reading

Help Restore the People's Democracy in 2022

The Green-Rainbow Party is stepping up to address the needs of a broken economic and political system. It is at its peak stage of rebuilding, during very challenging times. Our candidates carry the message of a restored peoples’ democracy in today’s electoral process. Continue reading

2022--Greens vs the Dithering Duopoly

As we begin the new year in anticipation of recruiting candidates for state-wide office and running successful campaigns, we are well aware of the daunting problems that face all of humanity and the need for reality-based policies to address them. Continue reading

End "Vaccine Apartheid"

With the new omicron covid variant burning its way through the US and global populations, Green Party activists demanded that the Biden administration follow through on its stated policy of having covid vaccine patents waived in order to make covid vaccines affordable and available throughout the world. Continue reading