GRP Opposes 5G

The Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) State Committee approved this proposal on January 4, 2020. PROPOSAL: The Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) demands a moratorium on 5G implementation in Massachusetts until a full, extensive and independent assessment of the technology is completed and public hearings are conducted. 5G should not be implemented until the safety of people and the environment is assured.   Continue reading

Real Solutions for Our Current Crisis, New Possibilities for Our Future

Green-Rainbow Party Co-Chairs’ Statement:  April 26, 2020: We are living in a time of escalating crisis: pandemic, environmental collapse, perpetual wars, and an economic and political system incapable of meeting the needs of the people. This shocking reality has been decades in the making. The Democratic and Republican Parties long ago abandoned working people to serve the wealthy 1%. They cannot lead us to a better future. We urgently need a government that leads by listening to those who are suffering the most, and understands we are all connected. For this to happen, local, state, and national officials must be independent of the corporate parties and oceans of ‘dark money,’ that continue to block positive system change. Continue reading

MA Indigenous Agenda

The Green-Rainbow Party has endorsed the MA Indigenous Agenda ( --five bills that work to counter centuries of erasing or debasing Indigenous people and presence in the Commonwealth. We urge Green voters and supporters to call their legislators now in support of the bills, especially if you are a constituent of a committee chairperson. Continue reading