Truth & Transparency: Leading with Lavery

In a time when Berkshire County faces unparalleled challenges, the 3rd Berkshire District needs a tough, but fair representative. Michael Lavery, a seasoned public servant, has stepped up to bring new energy and concern for Western Mass's constituents to Beacon Hill. Continue reading

Winning Back our Party Status for 2022 and 2024

Getting our Party status back is no small feat. As Matthew Hoh has found in his senatorial race in North Carolina, where the state election commissioners, staffed by Democrats and Republicans, are bound and determined to keep "outsiders" (read third party or independent candidates) off "their" ballot. Continue reading

GRP Convention 2022

Once again, to promote maximum participation, the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts will be holding its annual state convention via ZOOM. The Convention Planning Committee is actively putting the final touches on an exciting convention format. The needs of our time are great. The presentations will be timely--from Housing, Healthcare, Water, and Food. The convention format will be to offer information as well as needed opportunities for building working relationships with activist organizations. We hope you will plan to attend. More info and to Sign up go HERE

Rename Fanueil Hall

[[August 10, 2022, at 11 AM]] Members of the Green-Rainbow Party will join others at the flag pole at Boston City Hall to convince Mayor Michelle Wu and the Boston City Council (then in session) to hold a hearing on removing the name of a major slave-holder, Peter Faneuil, from a major public building in Boston. The group will then march to the Faneuil Hall Quincy Market Place (where the food court is). At this point, they will "sit in" for 45 minutes!

Building Back Better the Green Way

Though we are living in a time of great despair, political folly, and a rudderless direction, we as Greens have a positive message and a positive political direction essential to countering this despair. Continue reading