An Open Letter from Satan

by Gus Steeves  Ah, choices, choices...  Where do you want to start World War III? Korea? Taiwan? The Himalayas? The Caucasus? Iran? Syria? Yemen? Niger? Algeria? Poland? Ukraine?  All are wonderful candidates for sending up the final balloon. Which do you prefer? Since you keep choosing leaders who want to push the button, just point the way and I’ll help you. Continue reading

Here Comes the "S" Word--SPOILER

By John Blumenstiel We are living in the most perilous of times. Could anyone imagine 3 years ago that voting for the “lesser evil”  would now have us contemplating the horror of a two-theater nuclear war?  Could we ever have considered the thought that such a war would have as its primary sponsor the Democratic Party? Continue reading

New Chapter "Massachusetts Young Greens"

Greetings readers! We are proud to announce a youth chapter, the Massachusetts Young Greens, has met and will be submitting its credentials to the Fall State Committee meeting!  GRP members under the age of 36 are welcome to join.  More information will be available soon! Continue reading

Can "Lesser Evil Voting" Save Our World?

Many liberals feel obliged to vote for Democratic presidential candidates even when they profoundly disagree with them.  They're just "better" than the alternative. A question to consider: Does  "lesser evil voting" produce positive outcomes for the people or just slow down the speed of decline?  Continue reading