The Tortured Path of the Ukraine Debates

(by John Blumentstiel) The US “left”  and the country, in general, disagrees on both the causes and the potential solutions for ending the war in Ukraine. This, accompanied by the lack of open public debate concerning the potential of nuclear war with Russia and China, should be a cause of great concern to all. Continue reading

Pride Month Coming to an End

Pride month is coming to an end, but for myself and millions of LGBTQ+ people and their allies, pride is an everyday struggle for acceptance, equal treatment, and basic civil rights. I am so proud of our GRP chapters for stepping up this year for their commitment to supporting Pride events across the State of Massachusetts in Boston, Fall River, and Berkshire to name a few. Continue reading

Newly Elected Green-Rainbow Officers 2023

Welcome Newly Elected Green-Rainbow Officers Continue reading

The Greens are Baaack

We never went away, but for the first time in three years, we held a face-to-face annual convention. It was gratifying to be back at the First Unitarian Church in Worcester, MA, where Dr. Jill Stein inspired us with a Keynote address. We were further inspired by labor and healthcare activists, and by environmental workshops. Then we conducted our annual party business. Due to time restraints, a full report will be included in our July newsletter. Stay tuned