Statecom Minutes 2019-04-07

Location: Tent City Apartments, Boston

  • Attendance: John Andrews, Matt Andrews, Hal Brown, Brian Cady, Charlene DiCalogero, Dannyl Factor, Joshua Gerloff, Brian Harris, Dan Kontoff, Mike Pascucci, David Rolde, Jed Stamas; Mike Vaglica, and Elie Yarden.
    • With 14 voting members in attendance, quorum is reached!
  • Guests: David Gerry, Tech Committee Chair; Eileen Sheehan, Treasure of the South Coast Chapter; Linda Thompson, Former Connecticut Green Party and National Outreach Committee; Carol Sotiropoulos, Central Mass Green-Rainbow Chapter Secretary and Priscilla Espinosa, Central Mass GR member.
    • Facilitators:Hal Brown and Jed Stamas.
    • Timekeeper: Charlene DiCalogero
    • Minutes: Joshua Gerloff in the A.M. and Brian Cady in the P.M.
    • Vibes watcher : Elie Yarden
    • Stacker: Hal Brown


  • Alternate members Jed Stamas, Mike Vaglica and Mike Pascucci are seated.
  • Elie: concerned about representative meeting. Too many Boston area people.
    • Danny: delegate someone to research the issue.
    • David Rolde: will do research.

Modify/Approve Agenda:

  • Danny: Committee reports should include GPUS Committee reports.
  • Agenda: approved with no concerns.

Previous Minutes Approval:

  • Statecom Minutes 2019-01-26 are approved with no concerns.
  • Statecom Minutes 2019-03-07 are approved with no concerns.
  • Danny: Regarding online editing of the minutes via google docs, we can’t be sure no one has edited recently. How do we know that it wasn’t edited this morning?
    • Standing rules amended so that online editing of Statecom Minutes closes one week prior to Statecom Meeting.
    • Josh will update the Standing Rules of Statecom to reflect this change.

Next Meetings:

  • Next Statecom Teleconference is May 30, 2019 7pm.
  • Next quarter's Statecom Meeting:
    • Facilitators: Elie Yarden and Linda Thompson.
    • Where? Not sure. Ask South Coast. Ask Central Mass.
    • When:  Saturday, July 13th or Sunday, July 14th.

Appointments to State Committee:

  • Linda Thompson and Priscilla Espinosa are appointed as Statecom Alternates.
  • Eileen Sheehan wants more information before committing.
  • Statecom terms expire spring 2020, after results of Presidential Primary and State Committee elections.

Annual National Meeting Working Group report:

  • FYI: There are two committees:
    • ANM Committee of the GPUS. GRP Members Hal Brown and Darlene Elias serve on this committee.
    • GRP ANM Working Group. GRP Members John Andrews, Hal Brown, Darlene Elias and Joshua Gerloff serve.
  • Hal: We have fundraiser venue: VFA Gerry 5 in Marblehead,MA. Fundraiser will benefit the GPUS.
  • There are 68 submissions for workshops with only 35 slots to fill. We will know who made the cut in 2-4 weeks.
  • A local theatre group could perform the play “Cry Innocent”, however the cost of $600-800 is out of our budget. Might ask people to kick in.
  • GBC Cochair Jamie McLaughlin wishes to perform music at the ANM.
    • Josh forwarded the request.
  • Communications, media, live stream and record all the workshops.
  • Linda: Darlene says we need money to get people of color to anm. Fund is lower than last year. Please donate.
  • There is a GPUS Scholarship Fund and a GRP Participation Fund.
    • GPUS National Committee has few scholarships to be allocated among 40 states. There is little chance of a Massachusetts resident getting National Funds.
    • GRP participants should also apply to the GRP Participation Fund, which is administered by Adcom.
    • What is the process for submitting a Participation Fund request? What does Participation Fund cover? Can cover registration, travel, babysitting.
      • Table for Adcom, which will address by drafting an application form and setting a deadline.
  • What should GRP be doing? 
    • Goal of 40 GRP attendees. Send out an email blast. Put it on the GRP website. Get chapters talking about it.

Urgent Matters:

  • Linda: Motion: GRP endorse the report back from Venezuela speaking tour in Massachusetts in May  by Bahman Azad, who led the U.S. Peace Council delegation to Venezuela, and other speakers. This tour is being organized and sponsored by the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases, the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and others We want as many groups as possible to support this.
    • David Rolde: GBC is member of No Foreign Bases Coalition. GBC members joined the rallies in DC and the Boston-Venezuela Solidarity rally. Will forward contacts. Lee Schlenker from Boston Venezuela Solidarity Committee will speak.
    • Jed: There was a demonstration in Northampton. Lois Gagnon spoke. Ongoing meetings in Western Mass. Individuals and Chapters can sign the pledge. Jed signed and signed as chapter the “No on NATO” Pledge of Resistance. There are a number of pledges around this issue.
  • John: Motion to Amend the Proposal: We support the actions to oppose US action in Venezuela and leave to Adcom to take up details.
    • David Rolde: Concern about the amendment.
    • Danny: John is keeping it broad. We have unifying principles, that we oppose military actions against Venezuela.
    • John:”But who are on the speaking tour?”
    • David Gerry: Ajamu did this on his own with the Green Peace Action Committee.
    • John: We are voting to support a group we don’t know about. Let’s keep it broad so Adcom is not locked in to a group that Statecom locked on.
    • Linda: This coalition will unify all of the anti-war groups. Early signers on: UNAC, Karen Cokely. Abama Asa who organized the bases coalition.
    • Danny: The proposal with amendment supports actions. We are the only political party to support these actions.
    • David Rolde: The reports back from Venezuela are good.
    • Charlene: This is an educational program. We probably don’t need a blanket statement. Support the original proposal to support the event.
  • John: The amendment takes a stand against US actions on Venezuela. So a GRP speaker can say we have a position against actions against Venezuela, aggression against Venezuela. 
    • Matt: Adcom voted to endorse the pledge of resistance re Alliance for Global Resistance.
    • David: John, will you change your amendment so we do endorse this tour, but in addition we take a position on Venezuela so Adcom can endorse other future Venezuela initiatives?
      • John: Yes we endorse the tour
  • Concerned members stand aside.
  • The motion as amended passes with no concerns.

Chapter Reports

  • Central Mass Green-Rainbow Chapter (CMGR): Charlene: Since Winter 2019 Statecom, CMGR has met twice with an average attendance of 8 people. Currently working on the CMGR Biennial Awards, the chapter identifies people or groups who do good work in Massachusetts. Constructing a short course about the GRP because new members need more grounding in structure and history of the party. Youngest members conducting interviews and surveys. Success in Shrewsbury on town legislation banning single-use plastic and styrofoam. Four members are elected officials. Five members serve on state level committees. One person holds an appointed position. One member, Matthew Moncreaff is running unopposed for Select Board in Princeton.
  • Assabet River Valley Chapter (ARVC) Danny: The chapter is focused on electing candidates. One member ran for State Rep, and one member ran for State Senator. One member, Tar Larner,  ran unopposed for reelection and won with 99% of the vote, 1100 votes He is the first elected Green anywhere in the US in 2019. Another member ran for office in Acton in a 3-way race for 2 seats. They lost by only 31 votes. There was a tragedy in the chapter: the sibling of member died in prison as an addict and received no drug treatment in prison. The chapter is active protesting outside the prison to end prisons as we know them, drug treatment for all in prison and the right to vote in prison.
  • Pioneer Valley Chapter: Jed: The chapter will meet in Greenfield. Nothing definite about candidates for office. Dealing with local issues: the closure of hospitals in rural areas re: union issues and social justice. Members participated in a Say No to NATO rally. Frank Jeffers is improving the Green New Deal by looking at the Iceland GND. Still working on the State Bank issue. Networking with other groups. Joyce was reelected to Whately Town Selectboard while on sabbatical. A Green, Vince O'Connor, not a chapter member, was elected to Amherst Town Council.
  • South Coast Chapter : Eileen Sheehan: The area of SCC focusis Bristol County. Usually 4 people attend meetings.SCC meets twice a month. Two chapter officers, Sean Connell and Justin Roca, are currently on sabbatical. Working with Voter Choice MA (VCMA) to get state and local laws passed. Working for Health Care for All. Also working to ban plastic straws and bags.
    • Danny: Does SSC endorse Democrats?
    • This is time for reports, not discussion.
  • North Shore Chapter: Joshua: Since Winter Statecom, the NSC has met twice with an average attendance of 3. Two of our members, Hal and I, serve in several GRP Committees and both in a GPUS Committee each. We help Dan Kontoff feed the homeless in Boston. Josh also works with another group called Better Mass Transit.
  • Greater Boston Chapter: Mike Pascucci: The chapter has 10 core members. At a February meeting, they discussed internal processes, decision making and chapter goals. Members attend anti-war and anti-imperialism rallies. Chapter also works for peace in Korea and Venezuela. Members attended a NO to NATO mobilization in Washington DC.
  • Young Greens Umass Boston: Charlene: Cochairs Jordan and Julianne are graduating this year so the chapter is working to recruit new members. They hosted a VCMA event. Jordan is also active with Extinction Rebellion.

Working Committee Reports

  • Communications (Com Com): Hal Brown, Chair: The committee will be busy with the ANM media effort. Will invite Salem Access Television to cover the ANM. Committee created a page on the GRP website to explain why you joined the GRP. Added a Calendar of Events to the GRP homepage. Discussing an effort to teach chapters to use Nation Builder.
    • Brian Cady: One chapter member should have access to NB  and be able to send out notifications fortheir chapter to people just within their region.
  • Membership, Diversity and Volunteer Recruitment (MDVR): We are contacting GRP voters in cities/towns with strong GRP registration with the intention of activating them and forming new chapters.
    • Matt: Active J (GRP) voter totals are going below 3000. The “defunct” political designations G (GPUSA) and F (Rainbow Coalition) have climbed. People are picking it because of the name. 
  • Fundraising and Finance (Fun Fin): Brian Cady: We meet third Friday evenings of the month, and have met three times in 2019. Average attendance is 3.666. Minutes have been sent to GRP Secretary Joshua Gerloff.
  • Candidate Development and Legal (CDLC): No report from Maureen Doyle.
    • Charlene: Tar Larner is the first GPUS victory in USA.! So far in 2019, there were 2 GRP candidates in elections: Tar Larner won his election, and the other didn’t. There is another candidate in Princeton, MA who has announced. And there are a few more inquiries for candidacy. We don't print names until people announce their candidacy. We have all 6 completed surveys from all 6 GRP 2018 candidates.
    • John: Will do a report with survey analysis. Sometimes there are private comments and irrelevant information, so we digest and put out what is significant.
  • Annual Convention Planning: Matt:
    • The Theme of the 2019 GRP Annual Convention is “Green New Deal for Peace, Justice and Democracy.” 
    • Workshop proposals: There are two rounds of workshops: Round 1: Jill, Ajamu and Howie; Round 2: With people in the party. 
    • We are behind on publicity: we need to put the GRP Convention on the GRP homepage. Get rid of / make pics smaller on the homepage slider.
    • Can we put a link to register for Convention on the homepage?
    • Howie Hawkins will speak at Convention.
      • Danny: Can Statecom recommend to Convention that email invitations be made to other presidential candidates as well?
        • Jed: Seems biased to Howie by only inviting him.
          • Danny: He has formed exploratory committee. Might answer after convention.
          • Charlene: Howie speaking to specific item. Convention has a tight schedule and will not welcome us tinkering with their agenda.
            • Danny: The  invitation should be made. If they accept, we can deal with it then. We should send invitations. Howie is popular, but other candidates should be invited.
        • John: This issue is coming up nationally. We say “This isn’t a campaign appearance. We are inviting you for other reasons.” There was a Presidential forum in Pennsylvania and 3 people were asked to speak as candidates, but they did not include more recent candidates. Who to invite? Do they only have an exploratory committee or no campaign? Are they in the race yet? This isn’t easy. Can I send a video or Skype to the forum? It gets messy. We can reserve time for all candidates at our Convention, which we have no time for, or we are better off saying Howie is not there as a candidate. Otherwise, I can give names for 6 people, who have a stated interest in running. Asking Convention to insert these on the agenda is too much.
      • Brian Cady: too close to Convention.
      • David Rolde: exploring running for president.
      • Charlene: Invite to attend: does this schedule them in per se? It will probably be a courtesy.
      • Danny: Statecom request Convention send invites to all 6 individuals who have expressed interest in running.
      • Priscila Espinosa (on Convention Planning Committee): We need to know ASAP because of logistics.
      • David Gerry: ANM will have a Presidential forum.
      • With blocking concerns, Statecom moves to a vote. Seven in favor, Six against.
    • Decision: Statecom urges Convention committee to invite all other Green presidential candidates.
    • David R: What is the deadline for proposals to State Convention?
      • Matt: deadline has passed.
  • Legislative Committee. Mike P: So far, Legcom has met twice with 6-7 attendees. Discussed the Green New Deal for Massachusetts, State Bank and Working Family Mobility Act. Typically meets the first Monday of the month.

GPUS Committees

  • Animal Rights Committee (ARC): Josh: Vegan and Vegetarian labels are not hurting Democratic candidates or campaigns. They are acknowledging ecological consequences of animal agriculture and the health consequences of the consumption of animal products on human health. The Green Party is not current on this issue.
    • Priscila: Regenerative Agriculture is broad. Not removing the topsoil prevents runoff, saves water. AOC is plugged into regenerative agriculture, is part of grassroots movement, she was talking about it.
    • Danny: I am Vegan and animal rights activist. Communities are creating the “right to farm “ status, creating agricultural commissions to produce local food, codify the domestication of animals, people who domesticate animals. We would support local organic farming, but once we start talking about animal captivity, no. 
  • National Committee: David Gerry: National Committee of the GPUS has an open window for GPUS Platform change submissions. April 1-Sept 31. Will be taken up by the National Committee this year, voted on at 2020 Convention. Ten year old elected to National Committee. Debate re: age minimum. Complaint from a European Green party member (not the EU Greens) to GPUS re presidential campaign. BRPP Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee seeks to change Presidential Nominating Rules so that all delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention are Green. One delegation had a Democrat.
  • Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC): John: Proposed revision to official recognition of party. Created listserv for all Presidential Candidates so we can pass information to them. Seven individuals have declared and are not joke candidates: Allan Auguston, Howie Hawkins, Dario Hunter, who else?. There will be a Presidential Forum at the 2019 GPUS ANM on Friday night. PCSC has proposed two workshops: “The Spoiler Effect” and 2020 strategy. Names of anyone else who wants to run for the nomination, please let us know. PCSC concerned about finding a strong candidate. The Democratic Party will viciously attack third parties with help from the corporate media and other groups, so our presidential candidates need to be prepared. The candidate may not be a good fundraiser for ballot access like Jill was. Jill put a lot of money into ballot access. New candidates may not give to that effort. We will encourage the candidate to do what they can.
    • Danny: has committee reached out to Jesse Ventura?
    • John: We sent an email with a  copy of the letter of interest, which he has not returned. There is no way of knowing if he is serious without it. After his Mexico trip, he might consider.
  • Platform Committee: Elie: Tim Willard is the new Cochair. Currently reconciling proposals that conflict with other portions of the platform. The change in schedule allows them more time to complete revision of the 2018 platform. Platform is submitting proposals that will deal with invasiveness by outsiders (proposals from “outside” that are irrelevant).

2019 First Quarter Financial Report; 2019 Budget Presentation and Approval:

Brian: budget proposal is written as a single “pot” of money.

David Gerry: state and fed accounts.

Matt: we should send dues form, make copies. Gretchen was interested in making membership card.

Charlene: what does participation fund come out of,  state or federal funds? Can participation come out of federal? The budget is really 2 pots, and federal is harder to spend. Candidate fund is clear about state or federal, everything else is less clear.

Elie: recommendation: include addition income from additional fundraiser. Question: federal fund: is there a way of mailing a check and specifying to federal fund and therefore doesn’t take away limit? BC: I don’t know.

Matt: income. Dues = $4000. Largest budgeted income on the sheet. Chapters must table at events. Get people to pay dues at chapters. Do donations/dues include Convention registrations?

Elie: wants GRP Membership cards.

Danny: Fiduciary requirement on someone re: dues form, no. Tone down “Loyalty oath” (“must adhere”, must support 10 key values and platform). Let’s be more friendly.

Matt: this language is in the bylaws A lot of people are registered but don’t consider themselves members.

Charlene: agree, letter of law. Can still register J and be a party member without paying dues.

Matt: registered to vote and being a member in good standing, not connected to the GRP. Membership status. Spirit. 4000 members areregistered J, but few active.

Jed: your money goes to help us. Should be more inspiring.

Elie: motion to adopt the budget. Danny second.

Matt: will we meet these fundraising goals? We need to make commitment to raising money.

Charlene: What are our limits beyond candidate expenditure on fed fund?

Elie: critical year, we may raise money. Must aim high. Where's these revolutionaries?

John: Federal restriction may not be such an issue; there is some flexibility. If you want to spend a lot of money on fed cand, can't go into state fund for fed cand. Discretion of the  treasurer: they may put unrestricted donations in state or fed. Courtesy to donors, which fund would you like to put it in?

Amendment: change dues revenue from $4000 to $2000.

Concern about budget? no. 

Brian Cady: have group form business plan for achieving our goals.

Appointments to GPUS Committee

  • Maggie Zhou to International Committee for the purposes of developing policy and making Green Party connections around the world.
    • Danny: I oppose her reappointment to the committee. Concerns, has done things that she said she wouldn’t do. Initially heard good things from GBC members, that she is a warrior for peace, that she believes in the 10 Key Values, but she sends emails of allegedly conspiratorial nature. She assured Statecom that once on the International Committee, she will make clear that she is only throwing stuff out for thought, but it is not clear. The substance of her emails is offensive: she sent out an email with a hateful video from a Christian advocate who spouted hateful things, some guy from Nahant. Danny asked Maggie about whether she would deny or question her theories that some of these school shootings did not occur. Maggie also scrutinized the moon landings which we know actually happened.
    • Mike Vaglica: Diversity in opinion. She puts forth effort. On International Committee and GPUS.
    • David Rolde: She says things that are important. Re email danny says: David Rolde ”no one in GRP supports trump's.” she supports debunking for info purposes. We shouldn’t not  appoint her based on her informing.
    • Charlene: She never reports back to us re: International Committee.
    • Brian Harris: Any conspiratorial claim is a distraction from real issues. There is a real elite class. Conspiracy distracts from reality.
    • Mike P: I find many of the conspiracy theory posts to be disgusting (such as claiming Sandy Hook was a hoax with crisis actors), but she has also posted some things I find to be at least interesting. But she doesn’t report back from International Committee. Can't support her continuing.
    • Dan Kontoff: you have to represent us well. She is a spokesperson. Must rep.
    • John: I pressed her at her last appointment: “We aren’t appointing you to get these emails.” She said she wouldn’t, but she does. She sent an email in September 2018 that the USA had set up a lab in Russia to manufacture biological weapons to send to Al Qaeda. This doesn’t belong in the GPUS. She needs to have judgement to participate in our committees. Another email about the Boston marathon bombing, that it was carried out by the CIA and that the injured were state players. These are not an expression of the facts and this shouldn’t be inflicted on GRP or GPUS. It doesn’t reflect well.
    • Matt: do we have somebody we should appoint?
    • Danny: plenty of committees that don’t have delegates, we don’t need to have one.
    • John: conspiracy theories promote aggression.
      • David Rolde: direct response: The biological weapons lab is in Georgia not Russia.  Georgia is not a part of Russia. Georgia is a separate country. And the U.S. really does have a weapons lab in Georgia and is producing weapons being used by Al Qaeda in Syria and with which to threaten Russia.  That email was one of the best things Maggie has sent. If Maggie’s appointment is so contentious, I think we should table this discussion to a phone meeting when Maggie can call in.
      • John: Georgia is in a territorial dispute with Russia. The video she shared was leaked by a Georgian official. If the Chief sanitary inspector can prove that this lab exists, that’s fine a fact whatever.
    • There are blocking concerns about appointing Maggie to International Committee.
    • Statecom moves to a vote: In favor 3. Opposed 8. Abstain 2. Maggie is not reappointed.
    • Josh will inform Maggie, International Committee and GPUS Secretary.

GRP Name Change discussion

Carol S and Priscila Espinosa:

GRP members honor name in the merger. 2 parties’ values match and union was ideal.

Carol presents her GRP Name change proposal.

No one should have to guess what we are about. We are proposing a name change to clarify misperceptions. It’s more meaningful to be in conformity. Some people prefer grassroots.

Mel King is cool with keeping the Rainbow in the logo.

Elie: Admit to prejudice. Mentors in this party. Yo Obler. Gary HIcks. Merelice, from Rainbow Coalition and also Mel King. Mystic River Greens, when this merger was proposed, outrage, thought it would make them gay. Merging because we couldn’t attract black people, people of colornot concerned with ecological issues. Last gbc meeting, why are you here, because of the rainbow. Don’t want to lose people.  This party suffers from amnesia.

Danny: Very well thought out proposal. Well presented. Administrative: if goes to Convention and passes, without enough discussion with Secretary of Commonwealth. this could disenfranchise everyone registered J.

Danny: motion that Statecom recommend the matter be tabled until 2020 Convention.

Matt: Green-Rainbow is confusing name. Name is a tool for marketing.

Carol:: offer amendment to Danny's motion: would be more effective to get this to chapters. Straw vote proposal, vote about what we think about it, get the temperature of the GRP, and move the proposal forward.

Danny: last time change made, mistakes were made.

David Rolde: I can see both sides. How did Mel King react? Afraid that rainbow people would leave, or take a racist step. There are people still registered rainbow coalition (F). There used to be a Rainbow Caucus that met within the GRP.

Danny: Motion to shift timetable. 2 votes: straw vote at Convention, work, Secretary of Commonwealth work and final vote at 2020 Convention. Ian Jackson sent some legal concerns.

John: understand symbolism, the rainbow didn’t mean what it means today. The name is hurting our volunteers and candidates. We’ve lost the rainbow to lgbt movement. Want to help candidates and members. Need a simple name. Candidates say “printed literature mistakes” the press messes up all the time. We have no ability to educate everyone.

Dan Kontoff: It’s not about the name, it’s about how we approach people and how we recruit  them. Need to reach out with communication skills. Go to events. Not just superficial.

Jed: as a candidate, saw it was confusing to voters. Get in habit of saying Green-Rainbow, and get down the history of the name and merger. Must appeal to more diverse voters. People respond to independent party. Commonwealth party.

Mike V: concern with name change: the explanation impacts the spiel. People have short attention span. You lose people by explaining too long.

Brian Harris: I know what the Rainbow Coalition party is because I’m a history teacher. It was against a neoliberal trend in the dem party. Millenials have no idea about it. Shouldn’t lock ourselves into a historical moment.

Charlene: our history: AFAIK we are the only merged/joined party. Also, “we are state affiliate of GPUS” is a short, easy explanation. LGBTQ people of color would have a problem with the name change.

Priscila: interviewing elders. Why is this the party for you? This is the party of inclusion. Honor the legacy and the rainbow.opportunity to connect with the next generation. Mass dist survey will help with future marketing of GRP.

Elie: origin of the rainbow of mlk, spoke of a vision that most closely resembles vision of the green parties, Mel King took this from MLK, Jr.

Danny: Motion: a timetable, strawpoll  in 2019, vetting, and vote in 2020.

Matt: clarification. We overuse straw polls. We should give Convention option to form a committee to explore this possibility. Straw poll is non-binding, more for temperature, and opinion.

John: Carol can take friendly amendments. The Convention vote should be to create a plan. Need to develop a position, and plan, and vote on it in 2020. Vote on forming a plan.

Danny: wording in the charge too bold “yes we do this” then we’ve left behind the idea whether we want to do this in the first place. Convention should express the opinion that we want to do this. Some people may not make it to convention.

Danny: withdraw motion. Will leave to proposers to modify.

Carol: whatever the wording is. Legislative approach for January implementation.?

Priscila: we are a small party. In favor of name change. Not in favor of confusing anyone in the party re: presidential election. How do we get people to re-register??

Recruiting candidates for 2020 (CDLC) - 10 min

Charlene: want more people running for state rep. Running local cands is good. We need more state rep cands. How about 6 in 2020 for a critical mass?

JOSH: Someone to oppose US Senator Ed Markey to achieve 3%.

Dan Kontoff: Need charisma, to inspire people. 

Committee Membership Regulation discussion

  • Danny: working com membership. Our working committees are open to all GRP members to sit in on unless in executive session. And all GRP members may join a working committee. Can we put this into our standing rules? A recent instance, someone wanted to be on a working committee: applied to be on the committee, they were not included on the listserv and blocked from serving on committee. We have listserv guidelines. But we have nothing on the book for preemptively blocking members from serving on listserv or committee. I’m talking about membership in GRP Working Committees and the procedure for excluding if one violates standards.
  • Matt: Distinguish between types of committees Convention is highest decision making body of the party. Do we want anyone to volunteer? Important power being delgated, decisions being made: may want to  vet people.Convention Com is run by 2 people.
  • Danny: MDVR less power?!
  • David Rolde: In the past, Convention asked Statecom for times dates place. They have too much power. We haven’t delegated that much power to the committees.
  • Charlene: vetting process for CDLC MDVR and Convention.
  • David Gerry: When there is a listserv submission request, I check out email address, verify the subscription. If I don’t know who these people are, then they aren’t subscribed. You can’t just subscribe [without being a recognizable member].
  • John: On GPUS National Committees, Cochairs must know who the membership is and have an official list. Sometime they call for email votes. Who are these people?! Also beware of committee stuffing, i.e., a candidate wants all the money and a week before their kickoff, people show up to committee meetings with ulterior motives.
  • Danny: applicant sends email to cochairs of the committee, who decide that a person should not be on the committee, and they don’t tell the committee. So applicant can’t say anything because they are excluded from listserv and can’t say anything. Cochairs took unauthorized actions. Want to put into standing rules to codify, to say that people who want to be on committees must be given due process. Motion to incorporate into standing rules.
  • Charlene: Convention has a cycle there must be a best time to apply.
  • Danny: the matter/applicant must be brought to the committee. For a GRP member to serve on a working committee, contact the com, shared to entire com, and com must a decision in a reasonable amount of time, and here directly from the applicant giving APPLICANT DUE PROCESS TO BE HEARD.
  • John: bylaws read about working committee: any member of GRP may serve on a committee. When someone volunteers to serve they are on it.
  • Danny: withdraw? Motion? In this case or in another case, would have to let you join. Adcom made an error in not instructing Convention to allow David Rolde to serve. 
  • Danny: Motion: Statecom instruct Adcom to enforce the bylaws and request the David Rolde be allowed to serve on the com.
    • David Rolde don’t want to serve now, but later. 
    • Danny: where there is a situation is not let on a working committee, Adcom will instruct the cochairs to enforce the bylaws. 10.3 instructing cochairs of the com to allow applicant on the com.
    • Bc: not sure what to do about it. Does this make us a better functioning party if cochairs resign?
    • Vote 10 for. 1 against. Abstain 0
    • Decision: Statecom instructs Adcom to enforce Bylaw 10.3.

Indexing Policies and Resolutions Working Group

  • Matt will send email

Round Robin Feedback

  • Josh: time reports. Location selection online. Facilitator selection randomized.
  • John: time.
  • Danny: Great job facil. I like how we triage things.
  • Matt: painful. Good decisions. How to improve our process.
  • BH: bogged down with procedural issues.
  • Mike P: good decisions. Wow on facil. Agenda jammed. It’s okay for facilitators to make decisions to end agenda items  so they end on time.
  • Charlene: struggle. Time keeper is hard. Setting up an agenda is an art not a science. Offline decision making.
  • Brian Cady: reports should be done in writing early and submitted for questions. We could be more trained on how to work well as a committee.
  • David Rolde: Georgia is not invading Russia,
  • MV: I was there. Get tired after 6 hours.
  • David Gerry: hate being member of statecom because gets off topic. Get off track.
  • Dan Kontoff: Time keeper stronger. Talk to the issue. Why are we here? Here to grow. Must have an open mind.
  • Elie: good. Accomplish real things. Gives me hope: her group is looking at what are we? self reflection.
  • Hal: Strong opinions, but we want to cooperate, and accomplish meaningful work.
  • JS: learned a lot. Facilitator is hard job. Negatives, shelve proposals, wasted paper
  • 3:35pm Adjourn and cleanup.

Decision: Statecom urges all/most Green presidential candidates be invited to speak at ANM by vote: 7 yes, 6 no, 0 abstain.

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