Fall 2015 Agenda

Draft Agenda

State Committee Meeting
Fall, 2015

9:00   Registration & Credentialing / Refreshments
9:30  Call To Order, Co-Chairs' Welcome
9:40 Secretary’s confirmation of quorum,  Identify and Confirm Timekeeper,
          Vibes Watcher, Stacker, and Parliamentarian, seating alternates  if needed,
           elect new statecom members if any. 
10:00  Approve the day’s agenda. PLEASE REVIEW AND COMMENT AHEAD OF

10:10 Selection of Jan 2016 State Committee Location, Date and Co-Facilitators (available Sundays in January are: 3,10,17(MLK),24,31)

10:15 Approval of Summer 2015 State Committee Meeting Minutes  PLEASE REVIEW
            PRIOR TO ARRIVAL

10:25   Elect Diversity Representatives to AdCom
    Approve new chapter representatives to AdCom
    Appoint members to GPUS committees
    Appoint new StateCom mailing list administrator

10:35  reports from officers (cochairs, treasurer, secretary)

10:50   2016 Regional Conventions


       Election Instructions

11:35   By-laws Proposal

12:00 LUNCH

12:30-1:45  Canvasing for Darlene Elias

1:45   PCWG (15 minutes)

2:00  Legislative Committee (1 hour)

3:00  ballot initiatives (??)

3:30  Running for state committee / town/ward committee

4:00 Reports - committee chairs, local chapters



Daphne T Stevens

For Daphne T Stevens

Hi all, I reviewed the agenda but couldn’t comment there as I’m not Facebook or twitter, so my comments are here.

1) I will be vibes watcher which is new to me. Everyone decide ahead to save time.
2) May we cut the last hour to half an hour, 4:30-5:00?
3) Can the By-Law proposal be discussed ahead by email giving us more time for lunch and  possibly travel?
4) Now that ADCOM has decided that to much is going on because of the presidential election and the trickle down, we meet once a week. Perhaps Statecom should now meet every other month. The extra meetings should be in the center of the state to make it easier for most people to come.   

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Questions/concerns about the proposed agenda

There are 2 proposals that were submitted-one by Merelice (By Laws Proposal) and the second by myself (ballot initiative). Why aren't they identified as proposals? Why aren't we using the process to decide how to handle the proposals? Why is the by-law proposal granted 25 minutes earlier in the agenda and my proposal (granted 45 minutes) has 2 question marks next to it?

Please explain. 


Mike Heichman

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Agenda suggestions

i) While there might not be any major concerns about amending the bylaws, if the presentation/discussion time starts late or runs over, there might not be enough time for lunch which is already too short. 2) One hour for canvassing is not enough time. After allowing enough time for lunch and for getting to and from wherever we canvas, then there needs to be an hour for canvassing itself. This is one of the most important things we can do. 3) Since ballot initiatives is a proposal, perhaps that should come before Legislative Committee. 4) Since the above suggestions require more time, maybe we can convene at 9:15 instead of 9:30? Then I suggest that 1 3/4 hours for the ballot initiatives and legislative committee could be reduced, maybe by 15 minutes each, or 10 and 20 minutes respectively.

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from Mike Heichman (really)

I know it says "joyce" but she's posting Mike's words.


1. My (Mike's) ballot question proposal asks for 30 additional minutes time, if the proposal passes, to implement the proposal.

2. In January, StateCom passed a proposal establishing an Action and Legislative Committees. Despite some efforts, this has not been implemented. I request at least 30 minutes time to implement the proposal.

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testing the agenda inbox

and reminding the facilitators to please leave a good chunk of time to help out darlene's campaign.

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