GRP Adcom Minutes 2020-03-12

Decisions Made:

  • Needed: New email blast for PNC delegates.

People Present: Joshua G (Secretary, NS), Charlene D (Co-chair, CMGR), Lois G (PV), Brian C (Treasurer, GBC), Barbara C (ARV alternate), Danny Factor (ARV).

  • With 6 voting members in attendance, quorum is reached!

Guests: Elie Yarden and David Gerry.


1) Assign Meeting Roles - Brian Minutes, Lois Facilitator, Josh Time.


2) Approve draft agenda - Approved by consensus.


3) Approve minutes from 2/27/20 Adcom Meeting - Approved by consensus.


4) Presidential Primary Election report (see )

  • Danny and Charlene elected. 5 min meeting to appoint Treasurer and Secretaryelected at the previous Annual Convention (see GRP Bylaws 8.5.8).
  • PresPrimaryElection.‘State Results website may be preliminary. We can use these numbers to determine delegate apportionment.’ CD
  • When official results done, ....delegate selection plan was approved by StateCom. It describes how many delegates each pres candidate gets, formula complex.
  • No Preference delegates ‘won’, HH, DH, SC.
  • needed: new email blast for delegates
  • Only write-in candidates who contacted town officials beforehand will have their write-in votes counted.
    • Inquiry on write-in candidates – some things immediate,
      • Joshua spoke with Rosenberry; David Rolde’s request for recount too late, court order needed to see write-in ballots.


5) Working Committee Reports

  • MDVR: Josh: Sending GRP Outreach letter to Progressive Campus Groups; Video Project, John B asking for GRP Members to volunteer for speaking parts.
  • CDLC: Charlene:
    • Updating candidate page... no local/district candidates endorsed by Statecom yet, so no one on/to put on 2020 candidates webpage yet.
    • Nat & Joyce running in for 2 offices in Whately – are they asking to be endorsed by Statecom? No, local candidates don’t usually do this.
    • Acton: Selectboard candidates (2) Jim Snyder-Grant (unenrolled), Terra Friedrichs(? unenrolled)
    • Charlene running for State Rep in 12th Worcester District.
  • LegisCom: Meeting once monthly, state legislative session begins 2021 so relatively quiet now – bills and bill authors sought.
  • TechComm: considering video conferencing video option.
    • Re: videoconf: Zoom limited to 40 minutes, freeCCall not.
    • Also Jitsi – but needs Chrome or Chromium browser.
    • DG: Zoom $300 to go over 40 min. smartphone apps for Zoom &
  • Comcom: Brian
  • Funfin: Brian and Roni Beal met by phone, nothing to report.


6) Regional Convention updates - *What are options if regions can't meet face-to-face?*

  • News Re: COVID-19 changing daily.
  • Metro West Reg Con Cancelled by the library today!
  • Sat, Mar 14 SE MA Regional Convention.
  • PVC met already. last sunday. Elizabeth Humphrey and Lois Gagnon elected to Statecom.
  • dg: only meeting required by state law = cd and df meet and reappoint Secretary and Treasurer (this is a correction, per MGL and GRP bylaws).
  • Danny: confused about those elected at Regional Convention: Are they now a full member of Statecom or does Danny and Charlene need to acknowledge them?
    • David: Technically Charlene and Danny are the only elected Statecom members. Everyone else is appointed.
  • Charlene: The only thing we have to do is appoint the Secretary and Treasurer elected at previous convention (two co-chairs continue to serve, do not need to be reappointed). The officers and two elected StateCom members then appoint the people elected at the Regional Conventions.
  • Regional Conventions must report who was elected to the GRP Secretary.


7) StateCom, Sunday 4/5, 9-4, Natick - 10 minutes

*What are options if StateCom can't meet face-to-face?*

  • Required: reconstitute Statecom via Charlene & Danny by 4/12/20 deadline: RegularSpring Statecom meeting afterward could be rescheduled, delayed.
  • Statecom: CD & DF will meet apr5. Big statecom doesn’t have to be in person. Daylong not practical?
  • State deadline: applies to only first (2-person) statecom.
  • State requirement for regional Conventions meeting? Deadline? By April 1st (day before new StateCom is in effect, by state law).
  • Treasurer and Secretary re-appointed by presidential primary ballot-elected StateCom members (in 2020, Charlene and Danny). - 5-minute statecom. Meeting, must be by deadline of 4/12/20.
  • Reg Convn website notification
  • choose delegates to nominating convention: this is done according to the Delegate Selection Plan by the PCWG.
  • done by on website.
    • 1) ballot to Statecom
    • 2) these appoint officers.
    • 3) these appoint chapter -elected statecom members
  • Danny: Was originally County convention regions. Merelice proposal to change to equal sized region.
  • Joshua asked to call SoC: re: regional conventions.
  • DF: not solved: Is it GRP officers or Statecom Electeds Charlene  & Danny who appoints Regional Convention-elected statecom reps.
  • State Convention, COVID-19 far enough off so conditions better by then? Take it from situation later assessed.


8) Post Card Mailings, updates

Keep list of donors (who donated as a result of the mailing?).

How many returned undeliverable?

60 (160-180) returned.

9) State Convention updates

  • Annual Convention Committee Volunteers: Roni Beal, John Blumenstiel, Matt Andrews, Maha Gray, Joshua Gerloff.


10) PCWG still accepting applications for PNC delegates

  • Will send email blast.
  • There is a Participation Fund.


11) Round Robin

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