GRP Adcom Minutes 2020-03-26

Decisions Made:

Josh and Maha volunteered to work with Eilene Wheeler-Sheehan to help the South Coast Chapter organize their Regional Convention. 

Charlene will ask CMGR members to contribute content to statement re: Candidate Signature Collection. Brian will also contribute and Maha will compile.

Everyone read the GRP Bylaws!

Quorum - Achieved (Brian, Lois, Charlene, Josh, John B., Maha - Elie attended briefly then excused himself. 


Facilitator - Brian

Notetaker - Maha 

Timekeeper - Lois


3/12/20 AdCom minutes - Approved by consensus

Agenda - Approved by consensus


  1. Personal updates: how are each of us faring? - 15 min


Everyone is staying healthy and generally managing. Some are catching up on yard work and others have started new jobs.  


  1. Recruitment of delegate applicants, and electors: still needed. - 10 min


- Charlene informed the committee on the procedures, electors, and proxies. 

- Deadline for applicants is Sunday, March 29

- Participation is available for those who need help with travel expenses

- Josh has applied to be a delegate


  1. Spring StateCom meeting update - 10 min

(For Regional Conventions: Updated StateCom proportional seat update (per

today's email from Charlene)


- Proportional seating update can be found in the relevant State Com meeting email. 

- People can find more information about region on the website under "about us" and "2020 Regional Conventions". 


  1. State Convention rescheduling update - 10 min


- State Convention is scheduled for Sept. 26, 2020 at the First Unitarian Church in Worcester. 


  1. Chapter report highlights, requests - 15 min


- John B. shared how the GBC is still putting together their Regional Convention. Charlene advised John on how to organize an RC. General discussion on organizing an RC. 

- Charlene described CMGR's convention planning and organization. Over 100 emails were sent out and several of their members are running for StateCom. 

- Josh shared that the Northshore RC is on Saturday, March 28. 2020 at 1pm.

- Lois revealed that PV already had their convention and will be conducting their next chapter meeting via Zoom. 

- Brian asked if anyone was willing to help the Southeast organize their Regional Convention. Maha described that that chapter is skeletal in additional to undergoing a leadership transition. 

- Josh and Maha volunteered to work with Eilene to help them organize their RC. 


  1. Signature collection issues for candidates - 5 min


- General discussion on the unique challenges for third parties and the significant advantages of being an incumbent. 

- Charlene will ask CMGR members to contribute content to statement on this issue. Brian will also contribute and Maha will compile.


  1. Plug for reading and referencing GRP bylaws - 5 min


- Generally and emphatic agreement that candidates for StateCom (and other offices) read and become familiar with the Bylaws and Standing Rules. 

- Charlene expressed, and there was no objection, that the bylaws need a bit of an update. 

- Brian asked for volunteers to assist in such a future "Ad hoc Committee" and Charlene agreed to champion and support the process. 

- Brian suggested people use "Wayback" to look into meetings, notes, websites of the past. 


  1. Round Robin - 5 min


- Josh appreciated the meeting.

- Charlene thanked all meeting officers and asked that we encouragemembers from other chapters join AdCom. 

- Brian appreciated Josh as GRP Secretary. 

- Lois thanked all.

- John expressed appreciation for the depth of knowledge of all attendees. 

- Maha thanked all.

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