GRP Adcom Minutes 2020-05-07

Decisions Made: None

Attendees: Mike Heichman, John Blumenstiehl. Joshua Gerloff., Danny Factor. Charlene DiCalogero., Lois Gagnon., Maha Gray


Roles: Joshua G. - Facilitator, Lois G. - Time-keeper, Maha V Gray - Note taker


1) Charlene read/explained GRP Bylaws 8.5


2) Danny F. asks what is the goal of this special meeting. General opinion is to "figure out" how to move forward regarding seating people at StateCom and address, or not, any "perceived" election issues. 


3) John B. asks and talks about what an accredited Regional Convention is supposed to look like. General agreement that any mistakes in conducting RCs were honest and without ill-intent. 


4) Danny F. reiterates that no Bylaws were broken hence there is little cause for delaying seating StateCom members and that much harm would be done. These concerns are echoed by Mike H. and John B. There is vocal disagreement from Maha V. (for which he later apologizes).


5) Lois G. remarks that she hadn't known that the GBC officers wrote to Maha stating there were problems with their election, they were going to redo it and could he (Maha and/or Charlene, as co-chairs) grant them more time. That bit of information, she mentioned, was a revelation. 


6) Mike H. (whose phone connection was tenuous and static at the best of times) stated that the continued delay would cause discouragement and even "disgust" (the notetaker had immense difficulty to follow due to the connection) among Party membership. 


7) John B. emphasizes that the issue is not a moral one (as Maha V. contended) but one of fairness and decentralization. 


8) Danny F. mentions something about putting forth a proposal then refrains from doing so. 


9) Charlene offers a proposal to the effect that we look into ALL Regional Conventions for election discrepancies and, where found, redo those elections with an AdCom observer. 


Charlene D. Lois G., and Maha V. voted - Yes 


Danny F., Joshua G., and John B. voted - No


10) During the round robin it was evident that the discussion was far from over but there was general agreement that the meeting went quite well considering. 


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