GRP MDVR Minutes 2020-04-07

Decisions Made:

3/16/2020 Minutes: Tabled.

Banners notification – John B will notify chapters and promote merchandise sales.

Video: Sharon Cable TV will help. Maha V, Joshua G, maybe Darlene E, will volunteer.

Dropbox: John B wants help to learn. Elie Y & Brian C can help.

John B will send Youtube versus Vimeo email to Elie Y., share Youtube resources venues to comment.

Elie Y will call Matt A. about Dues.

John B will draw up something on Covid -19

Elie Y will share National material on de-militarization.

People Present: Elie Yarden, Brian Cady, John B,

Roles: John facilitate, Brian minutes.

  1. Approve minutes of March 16: Tabled
  2. Approve/edit agenda: Approved by consensus.
  3. John  actions to complete

- Banner notification to chapters

- Materials order forms to send out

  1. Recruitment video update

-SCATV support            

-Volunteers: Josh, Maha, am recruiting Darlene Elias

- anyone with experience with Dropbox?

- invites for volunteers sent out: minimal response

  1. College outreach, on hold
  2. Outreach

- Further feedback from Josh on NS info packet response, how distributed, other feedback

- "No Shortcuts” Workshop postponed.  John B to contact Matt A. CCB April 16th? postponed

- Matt A's dues proposal. Did we review and have other recimmendations or thoughts. 

- Outreach in times of quarantine ( John B's email re: outreach)

College Outreach on hold.

Youtube: Rational National, Crystal Ball do news programs. 200,000 viewers sometimes,

Seeking other news web-video programs. Comments are opportunity to reach out during pandemic.

  1. Other.        Security.

GPUS: issues: PC & Gender designation issues. Difficult to trace

Elder Lobby huge apparatus to influence…’How to be a progressive lobbyist’ instead of electoral action.

Activism – GRP has.

Administrative – GRP has.

Organizing – GRP needs.

Comes up with idea without bringing to fruition.

Meeting adjourned.


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