Global Greens Head to COP27

We are used to doing Green Party things on the state level and sometimes on the national level. But, there is an international group of Greens called the Global Greens! Founded in 2001, they have been presenting the "COP27 Webinar Series: Loss and Damage" in advance of this year’s COP27 (Conference of the Parties #27) documenting the fact that those people in the world who have contributed the least to the problem, are experiencing it the most, and the hardest. Continue reading

Extinction Rebellion Rally

Jill Stein and Gloria Caballero Roca were headliners at a rally in front of Beacon Hill on September 25, 2022.  Jill, for her part, had joined the week-long series of sit-ins, marches, and protests which raised the alarm: No Fossil Fuels!  Their remarks can be found here: Jill, Gloria             .

De-carbonize or Die

-by Frank Jeffers- Carbon dioxide induces global warming and threatens life on our planet.  The 'Keeling Curve' is the gold standard CO2 measurement, obtained from the air on a high mountain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, isolated from contaminating influences. CO2 has been tracked there for 70 years and an inexorable rise has been recorded until it is now over 400 ppm on that mountain, nearly 50% higher than 70 years ago. (It might be 2000 parts per million in a movie theater or a classroom, with toxic effects.) Increased CO2 and warmth have had a destabilizing effect on forest growth and mortality.  Since the Industrial Revolution, the United States has been the major contributor to CO2 pollution. Continue reading


HOW CORPORATE GREED CONTINUES TO PUT PROFIT OVER THE REST OF US -By Zachary Kontra- It is hard to believe that in this day and age, corporate greed, and the desire to save a few bucks continue to trump the needs and health of our communities and natural ecosystems. But that is the reality here on Cape Cod Massachusetts, with a vague proposal by Holtec to dump radioactive water waste into Cape Cod Bay and citing economic reasons to justify such a grotesque lack of empathy for the local residents there but also the obvious negative environmental impact such a proposal would have. Continue reading