Democratic Intentions are not Enough

Actions speak louder than words. From the Squad to the Bluest Blue dog Democrat with their recent, unquestioning vote for $40 billion for Ukraine they have continued to sell the people down the river in favor of war. The relation of the Peace movement to the Democratic Party has elements of an abusive relationship. They (Dems) promise that, if elected, they will prove their loving commitment to us. Their behavior will improve. Hopeful voters, once again, elect Democrats. And whammy, we get smacked in the face after voting for the “lesser evil”, we lose the right of choice for women, and gain a 100% vote for war--not one single vote in the party for peace!! Continue reading

GRP Nominates Three Candidates for 2022 State Election

On April 24, State Committee members voted unanimously to endorse and nominate current Becket Town Select Board member Michael Lavery as the GRP candidate for State Representative in the 3rd Berkshire District. They also endorsed and nominated two experienced campaigners from Holyoke to run as a slate of nominees for statewide constitutional offices: Juan Sanchez will make his second consecutive bid to unseat the long-serving Secretary of the Commonwealth and Gloria Caballero Roca will contend for the open position as State Auditor. All three candidates gave remarkably cogent and issue-filled campaign speeches. 2022 promises to be an excellent year for Green-Rainbow electoral work in Massachusetts. Volunteers will have a wide variety of opportunities to participate in these campaigns. Continue reading

Meet our 2022 Candidates Gloria Caballero-Roca & Juan Sanchez

Green-Rainbow politics have always been about hope. And with the candidacies of Gloria Caballero-Roca and Juan Sanchez, there is hope that the values of our party will continue to inspire more citizens to take interest in our progressive vision for the state and our planet. Continue reading

Michael Lavery is Running for State Rep.

Michael Lavery is more concerned with being judged on his actions than his words. So as his campaign for State Representative in the 3rd Berkshire District begins to gain traction, the 51-year-old Green-Rainbow candidate can point to what he’s accomplished in his two terms on the Select Board of Becket, Massachusetts. When Lavery says he stands for a Green future, he can prove it by making reference to his past. Continue reading